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Annatman Oct 25
When I pass on this life will have been
But sweet,
Not concrete
Like my poems:
Not perfect,
Yet complete
With stubborn attitude
I will have competed
With probability,
With humble gratitude
I will have submitted
To inevitability,
I will look back and see
My legacy,
Fulfil the prophecy
To repeat my destiny
To exist temporarily
And face
Till I flee
Time and meet
nawke Jul 2018
Three dented cars when
a tree fell in the forest
- No one was hurt
Matthew Harlovic Oct 2016
though all things in this mundane world
are conditioned, subject to cessation,
and objects of impermanence,
i will be more than happy
to suffer on the behalf
of inevitability.

© Matthew Harlovic
Anand Sep 2014
Nothing is permanent
Everything is ever-changing
Change is inevitable

The dark shadowy clouds of Sorrow
linger over the horizon of our Mind
only to usher the rain of Happiness
And then a Sunlit sky to find

With Moon and the Stars as a guiding light
comes Night after a Day
Only to call upon the Sun
Illuminating the world, to keep darkness at bay

The shower that gushes through Mountain springs
flowing as a River it merrily sings
becomes one with the Ocean, a depth to attain
then evaporates into Clouds, to usher the Rain

The Flower that blossomed is meant to wither
the Pupa is meant to become a Butterfly
That what Arises is meant to Cease
That which is Born is meant to Die

Pain and Suffering is there but to pass
Delight is not going to forever last
One follows the other in Circle of Life
like a rhythmic pattern in Vitality vast

Matter is made up of tiny atoms
we are but merely Nature's vibration
An entire Universe resonates inside us
Realisation of which will lead us to Wisdom

Time, the bird of change, has taught
impermanent in itself  it always flies
Things as they really are* should be known
without craving or hating the feelings that arise

Ignorance, Conceit, False Hopes and Self Deception
are the very causes of Human Suffering
Consciousness of it all removes the Passion for Existence
in it alone lies the secret of our Well-being

Desire gives birth to Sorrow
nothing else can be so true
because after all "*You only Lose
what You really Cling to! "
If we contemplate even a minute sector of the vast range of life, we are faced with such a tremendous variety of life's manifestations that it defeats description. And yet three basic statements can be made that are valid for all animate existence, from the microbe up to the creative mind of a human genius. These features common to all life were first found and formulated over 2500 years ago by the Buddha, who was rightly called "Knower of the Worlds" (loka-vidu). They are the Three Characteristics ( of all that is conditioned, i.e., dependently arisen.

These three basic facts of all existence are:

1. Impermanence or Change (anicca)
2. Suffering or Unsatisfactoriness (dukkha)
3. Not-self or Insubstantiality (anattaa)

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