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Hannah Dubrow Feb 2018
Who believed
that it would work
that it would last forever
that it was true
that it wasn’t you.
that they were right
that it was wrong
that anything is possible.
that it would look good
that it would feel good
that no one would notice
that it didn’t matter
that tomorrow is another day.
that it is better to have
loved and lost
that it would be worth it
or that everything is going to be okay.
Hannah Dubrow Feb 2018
my anger
my hatred
my addiction
your eyes
your passion
your love
Hannah Dubrow Feb 2018
Last night, mine was the only spaceship riding the Milky Way
I beamed through a vortex of dashed lines and lights
Lightyears of distance fueled by adventure
A highway of stars floating in a black abyss
Everything, nothing, and beyond, all to myself

I flew around the world to face the Sun  on the other side
I lead the Night and we went to battle for time
I stared into its great red eye until the collision
The dark, with its stars and magic was destroyed
A devastatingly slow explosion of golden clouds

I woke this morning in the body of a girl
In an apartment, in a neighborhood
Outside people walk in the daylight
They have no idea what I have lost
Inspired by driving all night on the Pennsylvania Turnpike watching the sun rise in front of me.
  Feb 2018 Hannah Dubrow
Bo Burnham
Our love was a roller coaster.
It had ups and downs and I sat real close to her.
It had a real slow climb and a real quick drop.
I screamed "faster" and she begged it to stop.
I put up my hands and she held on tight.
Not a second of boredom on our rickety flight.
And when it came to a stop at that first safer place,
I said, "Let's do it again," and she puked in my face.
Hannah Dubrow Feb 2018
Your eyes are my *******.
Your kiss leaves me breathless.  
Your fingers are my toys.
I submit my body and my heart
For your abuse or adoration.
With you the red bag stays zipped.
Don’t you dare give me a blindfold
Don’t you dare gag my mouth
Don’t put leathers between us.
Only one thing does it for me.
Call it a fetish or call it love.
I just want you.
Hannah Dubrow Feb 2018
You know those beautiful shiny girls?
They are the sun the world revolves around
The warmth feels so good
So bright they blind you as
you fall in love with them
She has color in her hair
and sparkles on her face
She's always glowing
All the moths worship her
She shines so bright
Everything feels dark without her
Look away
Let your eyes adjust to see
the rest of the beauty in the world
You will waste your life trying to be seen by her
These shiny girls have built a force field
They can't see out
and they can't let anyone in
God bless those shiny girls.
Hannah Dubrow Feb 2018
In a way
All love is tragic
And all tragedy
Is kind of romantic
Break my heart, it feels so good.
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