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Not a Person Feb 2015
I've forgotten morality,
Dignity, mortality.
I'm barely a human at this point.
So impulsive, self-centered
Self-loathing, ill-tempered.
Sanity where do I join?
  Aug 2014 Not a Person
I want to write a
beautiful poem
to tell you
I'm going to
**** myself.

But there are
No words
beautiful enough
to describe to you
the way
I'm about to die.
Not a Person Aug 2014
And at last I feel I've found you
As I'm slipping through the cracks
I take my final deep breath
And lie down on the tracks
Rest in Paradise
Not a Person Jun 2014
When you died, I died.
Thank you for forgiving me.
I'm so sorry,  Mom.
Not a Person Jun 2014
When you touch me
I feel all the hair on my body stand up
As if it's reaching to see if it's you,
Yes you,
The most stunning and enchanting human being,  
Touching my body.

When you touch me
I feel warm and cold at the same time.
As if my body doesn't know how to react
To this,
This perfect human contact, skin on skin.                        
I think I'm melting.

When you touch me
And breathe your warm, sweet breath on my neck                                  
While tracing along with your tongue,
It seems
Like I've never been so far from reality.
Not a Person Jun 2014
I breathe on the Moon...
A star catches attention.
Is that you, Mother?

— The End —