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I buried a bird today
Killed by my cat, Frank.
He’s less than a year old.
He danced around with it
still alive in his jaws
before I took it outside and killed it with a shovel.
It think it took two strikes.
I don’t know where Frank is right now.
I don’t know.
I told my dog,
after it had smelt death
and came over to investigate,
that “Frank killed a birdie.”
Frank walked away sheepishly.
I’ve asked the cat
half jokingly
where the birdies are before.
Frank’s here.
Well here we meet again.
My old and ****** friend.
Let’s not pretend
that it’s the end
but instead that for now were over.
I had to leave you to be sane.
I said I was no longer playing,
and now the day
seems half as gray
but you’ll live on all the same.
Your a malicious indigent *****.
Whose only job is to make us sick.
So for now I say
like I pray
you’re a ticking bomb I intend to kick.
And yes I know you feel indifferent.
A thief of life who doesn't give a ****.
We’re sure not cured,
you twisted bird,
but I hope you heard
through my words
that for now till tomorrow my light is lit.
Good bye.
Me and you have the type of relationship where we can't stop dancing
Feels like forever since I saw the opposite side of you, when you caught me glancing
I know you know how it goes but I still want you to know I want to be like you
I’m caught up in fighting feeling fantastic and wanting more; I want to be like you
I want to dream and then watch the magic happen but i'm addicted to these vices
Addicted to the next high when I know i'm the cat and the universe is my mouse
And I want it to, if I could only avoid feeling blue, I'd want you to tell me what to do
You opened my eyes to things I never thought were possible but now it's nothing new
Its like im chasing something and it's always an inch away
I feel like I'm enjoying my life but I want to see better days
I feel like you hated me then walked away slowly
Which had me caught in the trap of feeling lonely
Like I'm the only one with these problems when in reality we all have our ****
And I know that were not all the same but just by seeing these eyes I know we are a bit
Man on street, president of the usa, we all just want to be accepted in our own ******* way
And it gets tough when you lose that relationship with yourself which is why I miss you
I used to be scared to say anything with the idea in my head that I'd end up dissing you.
And now I feel like I'm half hugging you instead of kissing you and it's making me feel off
Like I've got emotional connections to what you showed me and now I'm just searching for god
Like did i do something wrong, am i wrong, is there a wrong
God would know and i bet he'd say just dont think and come along
I dont know, I don't know; truest words ever spoken
Want to learn through meditation, I’m always hoping
And i want to cash in on everything you've said that was possible
I just don't know, you gifted me so many trips to the hospital
Tried to convince me to follow the gospel ****** with me for years and left me feeling hostile
I just want to be you, because I know you have a plan and a place in our kingdom
The best thing for me right now would be if you spoke to me and I stopped my moping
Heavens a mile away but I know I’m going because i am you and you are me and ive got faith that someday I will be free
I’m just another one of you
I miss you
my beautiful beast.
My angry muse;
a perfect reflection
of who I once was.
The last time I saw
the pale lines
that made up
I lost it.
I was convinced you'd
be the last person I ever saw.
I was convinced
I'd die with you
clawing your way
through my brain.
I couldn't get away from you.
I didn't want to;
until I did.
Until I called some
friends I had not yet met.
They wanted to show me the way.
They wanted to know if I knew the way.
I did not my love.
I tried to tell them I hated you.
I swore I'd rid myself of you
but I always felt invincible
when you were killing me.
I couldn't stay away from you long,
could I?
When I felt I had failed,
when I knew it was over,
when it wasn't,
I felt sorry for myself.
I felt alone.
And we're not meant to be alone.
No-one's meant to be alone.
That's why I picked up where I
left off
when I returned to you.
They thought they'd flushed you
out of my system.
But no,
I know
where to find you
when the pity party
has come to a close.
Call it luck.
Call it fate.
But I needed to taste you,
and then to hate you,
one last time,
before it was
too late.
I should have tied them tighter,
he thought to himself.
No point in focusing on what I did wrong,
or rather what I didn't do right.
He got up off the pavement
and without thinking
dusted off his knees.
The right one stung.
He looked down and took notice that
he'd shed skin.
He watched reluctantly
as a single drop of blood
fell off the **** of his knee
and landed on the loose knot of his shoelace.
The fire was black, today.
Ignited with the blood
of a man
who's someone else.
After it died
the coals danced purple
and snickered into
the nothingness.

Wind blew pears off
a tree
causing them to
fall sporadically
atop a shed's metal roof;
acting as the
night's percussion instruments.
The man pondered
the fragility of human life
and of applesauce.
I am you,
you are me.
With this now
who are we?
A friend,
a foe,
I do believe.
My heart is open
to what you see.

Somewhere now
we fight with fists.
Somewhere else
we kiss with lips.
I stretch the truth
for me to hear.
I hope it snaps.
I need not fear.

In this world,
this world of mine,
don't blink,
don't think.
and you'll be fine.
Someday soon
we'll dust our knees.
For on that day
we'll need not
I tell you now,
can't wait to meet.
I promise soon
I'll reject defeat.
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