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  May 26 E B K
Masha Yurkevich

Let's eat, Grandma!


Let's eat Grandma!

Use commas. Save lives.
E B K May 22
It's just one moment
of forgetting
and then suddenly
the world is ending
E B K May 14
I have wanted you for so long
but pining is too painful
so now I want you gone
E B K May 13
you won and I lost in the game that didn't exist
E B K May 9
Not every spark ignites a fire
sometimes that fire is put out by tears
E B K May 9
I saw you today
it had been so long
Too long? Who knows
but anyhow

Our eyes caught
Yours brown
Mine blue-green
Spinning an eternity
between us

You nodded, I think
didn't smile
I'm not sure if I nodded back
but who knows

Libraries are romantic
They are piles and shelves of words of love
and lust
Stacks full of secrets
a kiss discretely
Hands grasped
stories told

Could we have been that kiss, those hands?
maybe, but who knows

I have written your name so many times
Scratched you out until you are, were
nothing but words and hopeless yearning

and yet now, here you are
With your nod
Those eyes

an eternity between us

by the books
I still have to shelve
E B K Apr 17
My skin is imperfect
My eyebrows uneven

But so what?

I am imperfect
I am uneven
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