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Eudora Dec 2018
They linger in the mind
like clouds floating by
in the azure sky.

They bring tears
like gushing waterfalls
streaming from the eyes.

They leave a yearning heart
with gentle prayers
and pleading sighs.
Fainche Siobhan Nov 2018
i yearn to be appreciated
like a flower
without its petals
and be appreciated
to its roots
because it is the reason
why it would bloomed
Mary Frances Nov 2018
Will you yearn for me?
Will you be there to weep and call my name?
Will you reminisce the remembrance of what we are?
Will you still wish for me in every shooting star?
Will you still pray for me during Sunrise?
And feel my warmth when you lull yourself at Sunset?
Will you still give me a part of your heart?
And revere the mark I left in your soul?

Will you? When I'm gone?
Senti Mental Oct 2018
From the start
It was just a bit of fun,
Dreaming of another world.
Ended up
**** turned to love,
I now want the other girl.

To make the bold move from
You to her will not be an easy one.
Fiel Oct 2018
Everything went smoothly
I would  say to myself that it's fine
But that thinking of mine changed
By the passing of time
Why did you have to leave me?
And now I'm stuck in this bottomless pit

How long will I have to wait?
I am getting tired of this state
Your warm embrace
Your gentle smile
How I long to feel it
One more time
Just one more...
Rajinder Sep 2018
Autumn escapes
leaving a void, a disquiet
a haunting pit,
a yearning to renew aches
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018

Ever had that point in your life where
you wished you could just press
a button and restart your whole

Never losing any of the knowledge
that you have now?
It seems like I'm having more and
more of those days...

I try my best to walk on the path
of light, but I can't help but turn
and feel the shadows crawling
behind me

How they yearn to sharpen their
blades with their poisoned whispers
and seek my neck to slit my throat
The memories of my 'childhood'
coming back to bite and drag me
down to my death
I only wish to build for my future,
to move on,
begin anew,
to rise about the turmoil that burns
in me

For the man I hate most in this world...
Even now, I'm not sure that I fully
understand the past
I have so many questions, still
But I guess I will never truly understand
it, not as I am now anyway...
But it's better to understand than me
seeking to solve it

I can't change my past
I can't delete my mistakes
I'm still at war, fighting off my insecurities
my self-loathing
my depression
my anxieties
my shame
my anger

As scared as I am, my hand
is on the handle that leads
to my Hall of Hope
Small, it may be, but hope
is something that is hard to ****
once it has taken root

The key, stability, is there beyond
my gaze
My future is the only thing I have
There's nothing left for me in the past,
nothing but pain and a black-hole
of emotion
So I humbly ask you...

Help me to overcome and experience
my best life that hides behind my fears
I won't let anyone jeopardise what could
be for me, for the sake of jealousy or even

I can't be a tree that never bears fruit...
For risks are apart of life
So I will follow you,
with my heart praying for salvation
From the smoke from the past,
you present me my mirror
even if it's something I do not wish
to see

My past, I will make peace with
but I will create my bright future

Picking at an emotional wound...
Abigail Hobbs Jul 2018
My heart jumps at you
You in the dream
You in the memory
You with the dazzling smile
You woke it up
My heart thuds
Banging against the wall
I decided to put you in
I'm healed, I tell it
And for a moment my heart stops
It misses
It yearns
It spills
It pours tears as if
Its been a million years
My heart, oh my heart
Cry and
miss and
Then go back to sleep
Just for a moment it needed to weep
Its been a while, HP!
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