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So tired of this skin color hair
creed social status divisions
malice biggotry greedy
Shady manners
The haves and have nots
worldwide strangeness!
The massive mile nature burnings
mysterious volcanic eruptions.
popping up
glacial s melting crumbling
This masked face
pandemic new world order
in the midst of it all!

O how I long
to take my loved ones
a few trustworthy friends
and fly out this ugly cris-cross
chemtrail sky covering all stars
killing natural cloud's
on matrix mother Earth's
slippery slopes
ever closer to the sun

Earth's being kissed
by Mercury and Venus
no courageous ruller
to tell us the end's truth
that we must fly out
soon to boldy go
out to the stars.
Copy Rights apply.

Hollywood Sep 26 2020. HOT as hell the sun seems larger closer brighter hitter.
The army airplanes for years now pound the sky with some cloudy clouds material. It's strange noone tells us how this helps. We hardly have oxigen keft. Amidst pandemic covid 02-19 forest by billion mikes are being destroyed burned.b
I feel its on purpose. Without oxigen cancers will **** many people.
there's a malignant secrecy by government s worldwide I fear the worst but believe God exists and wont allow evil to prevail..
Alan Stallsmith Feb 2019
Desire paired with loneliness
Is quite the ugly pair
Light the rooms inside my heart
My guts exposed threadbare

And I ponder, And I ponder
All these mountains with no view
And my wanderlust takes over
While my troglodyte subdues

Desperation paired with insanity
Is quite the gruesome two
You foam at mouth and commiserate
With hallucinating beasts inside of you

And I float there, And I float there
In this vat of carcinogens strong
Perfect aim meets jugular
My cat and mouse shan't take too long!

Reason paired with logic
Is a fable wrapped in dreams
There's people who are sane out there?
No neurosis bursting at their seams?

As I sit here, As I sit here
Etching brainsick into stone
The faces of my personal Rushmore
A mocking comfort (I'm not alone!)

Enmity paired with self-affliction
Are the volcanoes I prepare
No need for collusion or invaders
I'm my own Cotopaxi terror!
Anukriti Trivedi Sep 2017
When I'm with you, I feel volcanoes burst and lava run over popping candies and bits of fresh flowers. I feel stars crashing against each other on national highways and sparks fly to the nearby pond and eventually die. I feel dust settling in the craters that your body has magnificently carried since inception. I feel the blood flow on battlefields and words flow on blank sheets. I feel masterpieces being written in red and unread books being burnt and shred. I feel light unfold in a garb of you and wings being buried in the hefty snow. I feel meteors flashing as they skim through the night sky and flowers opening amidst a wildfire I feel everything so intensely, so deeply but ******* it, I'm allergic to dust and the mere sight of blood is enough to knock me out of my consciousness. But I feel each word, each syllable and each spark of a dying star. You often come close to me and I  know physical closeness has never been my forte but when you touch my collarbones and breathe down my chest, you become my kryptonite. You're not my lighthouse, you're my storm and I've never felt happier drowning in rage of the tempest. And so today, I only wanted you to know that when I say I love you, what I really mean is that I wish there was a stronger word to describe us.
Allyssa Jun 2017
I wonder if truck drivers ever get tired of the open road,
Where cars speed past in angst of their destination,
Red and white lights filling the darkness.
Endless dedication to wearing down the pavement that sticks to the Earth like a bandaid.
I wonder if Earth gets tired of us littering,
Peppering it's surface with blemishes to be reconciled with.
I wonder when humanity is to be torn down,
Another plague roaming the planet ready to be wiped out soon enough.
We don't compare to the locusts,
The frogs,
The volcano ready to wipe us out.
40,000 years overdue,
The ash ready to cover the sky and pollute our lungs until we suffocate.
I wonder what will happen to the highway then,
Maybe reclaimed by the grass that once existed here.
I hope the car lights stop shining,
I hope the truck drivers reach their destination to finally rest from the constant stop-and-go.
Just highway thoughts.
We are just like volcanoes
Ready to erupt anytime
Burning and suffocating each other
Coming time after time
Beautiful yet dangerous
Building in every moment
Till one day we explode   Or
Go dormant
Leaving each other for another
Till the volcanoes wake up again
NK Sep 2014
Did you know
that I drink molten lava?
I like the way it burns.

I am not afraid of you.
I've let the Earth's poison
melt and destroy my insides-
re-solidifying around my heart.
You cannot hurt me.

My insides are melting again.
And I cannot speak;
I can only observe-
eyes wide with horror.

I chugged you down
because you were the
only glass of water in this desert.
But your water
turned out to be acid.

And I am falling
into abysmal nothingness.

My eyes are wide with horror
because I'm watching my nightmare
take place in broad daylight.

(I'm falling for you.)

— The End —