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Feb 2020
I can always tell when my life is beginning to fall apart by the mere glimpse of my ******, torn and gnawed to the bone fingertips. A reflection of my internal chaos, now exposed. Revealing my lack of will power to resist the urge when life’s mundane patterns and stress-induced anxiety take over. There’s something to be said when your toenails become longer than your fingernails. I’d say it says that it's time for a manicure of the soul. ****, a pedi wouldn’t hurt either.
A pattern I've noticed when I'm not at my "A-Game" in life. I think I'll use it as a red-flag to pick myself back up again. It's time to nourish my soul.
Pepper Dove
Written by
Pepper Dove  28/F
     Perry, PixieWee, Dharker and Bogdan Dragos
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