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Sarasi Rivina May 22
The word itself seems so vague.
A curse: A cure: by many names, it is known.
It all seems nothing in the eye, who failed at love,
But in the other, it seems divine.
When God created such a feeling, was it meant to be released to the world of humans?  Or vice versa?
Was it meant to have two sides?
The side that cuts your heart like a poisoned knife,
And the other which heals you like a heavenly medicine.
Was it for the happiness of beings who strive for happiness?
Or was it for them to suffer more?
Love, for some, is happiness and for some, it’s a curse…
And who is the decider of who gets what?
Is it god? Is it fate?
Or does it depend on oneself?
So many questions, yet to be answered
Can we incriminate god for keeping us in such a dark?
Or should we grind to find the light ourselves?
Was god so incogitant or was it all for us to discover?
All these questions burn within
Someone who waits a hopeless wait
To have a go once more            
At the love that they lost.
When I was little, my grandpa was my world
My world, who took me under his wing
And taught me everything I knew
My grandpa was strict and did get on my nerves
But deep inside, he knew that I loved him
We wrote letters on the floor
Drew pictures on the wall
He was there for me with my every step
But one gloomy day,
He went out
Couldn’t say goodbye
And I didn’t know that it was the last day
That I’d see him by
He went out
Fairly fine, with that warm smile spread across his face
But never did he return
Back to our home once again
From the road, he went straight to the hospital bed
Where he laid for his next three months straight
Waited for long for him to recover
Waited with hope and pain
Went to see him but not a word he said
He couldn’t smile with me like before
Nor he could comfort me with his words
As I stared, my tears;
They were pouring down like the rain.
Can he see?
Does he know?
I am here
Grandpa, please
Just look at me once
Smile at me once more
Just say that you’ll be fine
That you won’t be lonely,
Without me by your side.
I wanted him here
With me as I grow
But he was in a hurry
to get closer to god.
One dark day
I saw my mom’s face
And I knew that he left me behind
No last goodbye
No last hug
No last words
He just went
Keeping nothing but his memories
For me to grief and bawl.
Captive within the bars
He waits.
Endless waiting
Every day the same,
Every tick of the clock is clear
And now, a day seems much longer
Receiving no kindness
For, he deserves none, they say
The anger at mind
Is struggling to burst out
But he knows better than that.
At first, was patient.
But now,
Fighting within to save the sanity
The God favors the truth, they say,
So, why an exception
Or did he look the other way?
When an innocent man’s life
Was decided against the truth.
No other seems better to blame
For, one should not blame God, they say
Endless violence
Endless sufferings
But the worst is his struggle
Within, his innocent mind.
Once was a believer,
So there’s still hope, he thinks
Does God have a plan?
Or was this a cruel joke?
He, who waits,
Tries hard to believe
That still he has hope…
Oh how beautiful
With you, the sunset is!
The view itself seems like an imagination.
Like an art of work from god himself.
Lost between thoughts and emotions that arise, here I stare,
With such amusement
Oh, how heavenly it feels,
With the slight breeze that touches my skin.
The smell of you,
Oh, how fond of it I am,
This beautiful view
You, the sunset, and I,
Oh, how I wish that this lasted forever.
So that I can put aside my hurting past,
And just stare at you, as you take down the sun.
The sun himself is powerful
But you, my dear,
Aren’t you even mightier?
You, even though, look serene in this wonderful evening,
Here you are, gobbling up the sun in whole!
It seems so real, but is it?
Or are you a deceiver?
Just like her?
Sarasi Rivina Apr 29
Never wanted to go beyond the reef
But some unknown force is dragging me across.
Want to stay behind
As I’ve been warned.
But that force
Oh it’s too strong
It keeps pulling me
Even though I oppose
Is this meant to be?
Or is this a curse
That I’ve put upon myself
I want answers
But they seem unclear
That force;
It's within me
It drags me beyond that reef
What once was my limit.
Now, I am beyond
Should I go back?
Or should I go ahead?
And find my future ahead
In the unknown?
My future,
Is dark?
Is it bright?
Oh, the uncertainty
Will this ever end?
Or, will the darkness, itself
Surround me
until the light fades?

— The End —