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Angel 2d
I hide my true emotions
Only to keep you happy
And burden free
It’s true. I will let it eat me up but I’d rather not see you stressed. I was even hesitant to write this. I’m sorry.
Angel 3d
Be happy
It is all I care for

Be free
It is all I want for you

Be burden free
It is what I choose for you

Be living and breathing
But guilt free
You deserve to be happy

Be all that you can be
Be yourself
Be loving
You deserve it all

Be free
You are a free bird and burden free. Please know that. Cherish the memories.
Angel 6d
i let you escape the cage
I didn’t think the bird grew such attachment
To blast me in a rage
But didn’t you always want to fly
Amongst the other birds
Wasn’t I keeping you captive
The plan was put into motion
And now it is active
You are free
You are loved
You can fly
This was never a lie
Angel 6d
You are relieved of duty
Effective immediately
The burden on your falling shoulders
Was dead weight
You are relieved of duty
Effective immediately
The burden on your already heavy heart
Was removed
You are free and relieved
Like you wanted to be
Go out and the world is ready
For you to see
Angel 6d
The little dove in my heart
Was set free today
Free of dead weight
Free of all
You are alive and free
Of the mess
You unknowingly created
brandon nagley Jun 2015
for I shalt always love her, mine Spanish queen of mine, though now she verily hates me, I guess I can't change time, I just wanted her to be happy, so I let her free, she couldn't even be mine friend, she left me dry to bleed, though I'll still miss her, mi amour' of this life, I hope she'll come back one day, to make everything alright, so fly freebird, though I know its me thou shalt not forget, thou canst block me, delete me from thy many texts, but forget me not thou won't, as I know I'm thy only king, maby thou shalt come back someday, wherein again for thou I'll sing!!! );   ( English version)

Spanish version:
porque yo siempre serás su amor, mina de la reina española mío, aunque ahora ella verdaderamente me odia, me supongo que no puedo cambiar el tiempo, sólo quería que fuera feliz, así que la dejé libre, ni siquiera podía ser mío amiga, ella me dejó seco a sangrar, aunque yo todavía la extraño, mi amour 'de esta vida, espero que ella va a volver un día, para hacer todo bien, así que vuela freebird, aunque sé que soy yo serás No lo olvides, tú puedes bloquearme, me eliminar de tus muchos textos, pero no me olvides tú no, que yo sé que soy tu único rey, maby has de volver algún día, en el que una vez más, porque tú Voy a cantar! !! );; );;;
much time together from the start
the magic shared has vanished
I know you gave me many chances
but the dance i pranced has barely managed
I've grown apart while we lay together
I feel closer to you when we're at far
perhaps because I get to miss you
within a day or two, I really do

I believed that you were my soul-mate
I stopped spitting game and spoke the truth
it's not that i lost compassion
nor that I stopped aim to impress you
I settled down very soon
and I know it's not for you
I want to set you free
like a flower
watch you bloom

there is feeling in my mind
that what if you love me true
I can do to my self self-respect
and chase a dream or two
i shan't believe all in my head
when it fills with many fears
*I only must begin to trust
and have faith within my dearest
The day after I wrote this, without her have seen the poem, she told me that she met someone else and I thank her and now I can move on.

— The End —