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Lori Jul 2019
Im clinging on
I have been
for God knows how long
And i dont know why
I just am
Tired maybe
But still trying
Im clinging on
My hands are shaking
My soul is weary
But i won't let go
Im holding on
And i wont let go
Im clinging on
I don't even know what im clinging on
Lori Jun 2019
It was a sunny afternoon. The sun was as bright as Stevenson's hair. Despite the piercing heat, there was a tender wind, brushing and kissing the skin of the kids, saving them from feeling overpowered by the sun. The soft wind was helping the waves dance to its rhythm, and with every move the sea seemed to be telling another story. The golden grains of sand shining under the rays intertwined with the kids' skin and now they were a part of the musical. Seeing as the day was so beautiful, violet could not contain herself. Her hands and feet pranced around, and she played with schools of fish passing by every now and then. She was absolutely, entirely engulfed in something so absolute, and that made her just as so. Stevenson was sitting on the golden layer of magic next to his grandma Rose, and they were both watching this crazy girl portraying such innocence and beauty. The wind was crippling and the sounds of the soft waves crashing were heavenly. Even the silence could not silence the underlying beauty of the world. Suddenly grandma rose with such a sweet voice said "Why do you love her Stevenson? Why do you think you'll marry her?" And Steve just smiled. He put his hand on his heart and said, "the way i love her is no ordinary love. People love each other but the way i love her can not fit into labels. With my so limited time all i want and all i need is her. I would die for her. I would live for her. It is not a case of life and death, but it is a case of love. You know someone means something to you when they're on you're mind. Well she isn't just on my mind. I think about her every minute every day. I think of her in times of happiness or sadness. I even think of her when im incapable of forming real thoughts. You know someone means something to you when with your very last dying breathe you manage to call out their name. You manage to cling to the overpowering sensation of not love, but need. I need her. I love her. So just when you ask why i think I'll marry her. She gave me a part of me i so desperately needed to find, she saved me from my sorrow, she gave a new meaning to my life. She is my life. Plus, just look at her, who in the right mind won't fall for a person so angelic."
This isn't exactly a poem, but it still is one of the creations i am very proud of. I hope you enjoy the words I've set together. Thanks :)
Lori May 2019
Take my hand shall we dance
He said as he reached out for me
His hands so cold against my skin
But still i could not really see
What was hidden behind
This mask of content
And that untroubled smile
so i didnt really think twice
And danced for a good enough while
With every step i pranced around
I fell into his trap
And now i am stuck in an endless loop
Full of an endless amount of crap
Now every day at 3:45
i attend my dance session
And honestly it hurts to say, to admit
That I'm in a relationship with depression
Sorry for this mess of a poem. I tried rhyming but it turned out to be a mess. I still think its not as bad. I do like it. It has a lot of meaning to me, so i hope you enjoy it <3
Lori May 2019
I dont think people quite understand the concept of depression.
Sadness, they say.
If it were to be sadness, one would say i am sad instead of i am depressed.
And honestly the way i would like to describe depression is a friend.
That one toxic friend
holding your hand
chaining you down
never leaving you alone
making you feel incompatible with yourself
making you lose all sense of happiness and freedom from within yourself
Making you desperate for an ounce of love from anyone just so your heart can feel alive again
Making life as a whole seem so empty
Making life as a whole seem so worthless
Making you as a whole so sorrowful
And turning everything you knew to be, upside down.
Depression is one of my best friends
Lori Apr 2019
I once told my lover "leave me"
"why?" She asked
- well im a poet
- and so?
- i will hurt you
- how?
- i will
- and how are you so certain that you will?
- a poet can not keep inside of his hands something that is for themselves
- meaning ?
- i will hurt you , use you
- but how?
- i will use your cries as lyrics for my next poem
- and so you'll turn me to art
- but you already are art
- what if i dont leave?
- then you'll face my blood thirsty demons
- but what if i can tame them?
- you can't
- i can
- but i am certain you won't
- and why are you so certian?
- because i can't even tame them
- what if thats why im here... to hold you when you're hurt, or when you're unstable.
- love is not a job
- but love requires work
- are you up for it though?
- ive been up for it since the very begining
- how could you be so sure?
- well love can be quite a sensation, but i know it when i feel it
- but how do you love a mess of a poet i am? feeding on you, on your "love"
- how do i love someone who is just the epiphany of everything i feel inside? Well that is very easy.
- but i won't be good for you
- dont be, I'll be good for you
I couldn't really finish this dialogue but honestly i feel like some things are better left undone. I hope you enjoy this cliche random conversation of mine.
Lori Apr 2019
Just like that I fell
I fell into your arms
Wrapped around my skeletal body
Wrapped around my soul
You held my heart so tight
As tears fell right on top
And burnt my skin
My blood raging in fury
And demons circulating in my veins
It happened so suddenly
I shut my eyes and when i opened them
uʍop ǝpısdn sɐʍ ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ
I didn't know what to do
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