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Lori Mar 10
A strange concept for someone who's never felt it within herself
And even a stranger one to apply
How can i love when my heart has never seen a bright day
How can i love when with every breathe i take i achingly search for love itself
How can i love when i dont know how to
So forgive me my lover
Forgive me my brother
Forgive me my friend
For my heart has no room for another
For My heart is too full of pain
For I  do not know how to love
How can i forgive myself, for i do not know how to love
Lori Mar 6
I cried myself to sleep as the thoughts of my fingertips on your skin lingered in my mind and how every time I'd think of our love I'd think of a taboo
You were always on my **** mind
Lori Feb 17
I take deep breathes
None that will stop my endless tears
And none that will heal my broken heart
I try to speak, call out for help
But my voice cracks as every word leaving my body comes out broken
and it is painful for me to know that as I try to reach out I get chained to the ground
And it is painful for me to know that no one will even try to glue together all my broken pieces
And what is painful to know is that in the universe of happiness and hope i am sitting on the ground of my bathroom at 1 a.m. crying myself to sleep
So again i try to take deep breathes
I try to hold on to that only speck of happiness i can find in this entity of sadness and brokeness
But yet again i fail
I fail to save myself from myself
I fail to smile
And dare i say i fail to live
I am a whole unit of hurt
Lori Feb 2
And just then when you looked straight into my eyes i saw it. I saw a future. I saw a future with you me and an endless love story
You are my future
Lori Jan 31
My friend asked me what's one thing which makes a poet a poet, and i didn't hesitate to say selfishness. Be selfish with your emotions, write for your own good, express through art and do it all for yourself, for the result of your selfishness makes up the whole of so many people too broken to be their own kind of selfish.
I am selfish in my own way
Lori Jan 22
Pretty yet wet lashes
Fluttering down my tears
Pretty yet wet lashes
Helping me fly away from fears
Pretty yet wet lashes
Saving me from the mad
Pretty yet wet lashes
Always there when I am sad
Pretty yet wet lashes
Help me go through this alive
Pretty yet wet lashes
I don't know if I'll survive
Pretty yet wet lashes
Fluttering down my tears
Pretty yet wet lashes
Pretty yet wet lashes
Wet wet lashes
Every tear stung
Lori Jan 20
it never made sense
How you could throw away
How ur lips brushed mine
How our hands fit eachother perfectly
And how our souls were connected
And it never made sense
How after being abandoned in a sunken ship drowning in my sorrows
I still could look into your eyes
And tell you i loved you
My heart was broken
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