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Mae Feb 23
you only miss me
when I’m around.
and when I’m not,
you mess around.
Mae Feb 19
You said I was precious, like a valuable gem.
No wonder you strung me along,
wrap around you like beads of pearls.
silvervi Jan 2019
I know what's going on.
Oh now I see.
My heart's been warning me,
I kept ignoring thee.

Denial as in all the songs,
And in its stronger version,
Put it on myself.
I put it on, how you hurt me,
To keep moving on,
All proud, no doubt.

Pretending nothing happened,
I told lies, to me, to you,
I barely am ready
To see the truth.

Now however it's unleashed,
And it's gonna hurt
Just like it's supposed
Way back then,
When you hurt me.
You started to ignore me
And how dare you,
I ignored you too!

It was my only way,
It's been.
I am accepting it,
I will, I will..!
I know that I was fooling well
Myself, my friends, my mind.
But my heart always said no,
When I lied.

When I denied,
That in truth,
I didn't want to let go easily.
I didn't want you to ignore me suddenly.
I was hit cold blooded by your coolness,
I was left, scattered, shattered,
With a broken chest.

And alone I sat there, all alone.
But I tried to take care of my own,
So instead of looking down on me,
I pretended my heart to be complete,
And to leave, my head higher than your actions could reach me.

I denied that in truth I loved you,
I denied my emotions to you,
Because you weren't tied too close to me.
You wanted to keep things just casually.
Quin Rosenheart Aug 2018
You don't understand
What you've done to me

I'm only half the person
That I used to be

Oh but it's okay
Because I know what's true

For you never loved me
I only loved you
Pineapples Aug 2017
Tell me how you really feel about me.
Don't go sitting on that fence there's no more room for you.
Now is the time to stick those truth daggers you have into my stomach and twist the blade so those words will scar me  forever.
CT Wordz Jul 2017
I'm so accustomed to this sad heart of mine,
If it were whole, I may die.
The fear alone being full then drained,
I'm a prisoner to love,
Gold fashion, locks and chains.
I'll never speak of love.
Love has no face or name.
I'll never believe in love,
It will just cheat me again.
I'll never be in love,
Love is a losing game.
C. Tyler
Ili Norizan Nov 2016
He wasn't home,
He's just a house you took shelter in,
When he's got broken windows and opened doors,
Leaking roof and creaking floors,
You don't owe him rent,
He was opened to welcome just about anyone,
And love meant permanent resident,
Not a temporary come-and-go tenant.

Apollo Hayden Sep 2016
Tired eyes and weathered skin,
each wrinkle tells stories of days never to be seen again.
How much does it matter when all fades, when all returns to dust?
Will they remember the beauty of your spirit, or only speak no further than the body you were in?
Blinded by the outside, never thinking of the soul within, keeps the brain asleep; never to ascend.
Is it shoes, is it money, is it the mask you wear that is the only thing of value? Is it temporary things that keep you going, or is it the truth that gets you through?
Your life is in the balance of this world you've been clinging to.
Time to let go and let the lies die, to live in eternal truth.
Kayla Hofmeyr Jul 2015
It's not the shouting that causes the pain
It's not the lies that causes the shame
It's not the anger that's to blame
It's not the drought after the rain

It's not that easy to get out
It's our hearts filled with doubt
The walls still come crashing in
We still don't know where to begin

Maybe if we pray a little longer
Maybe if we scream a bit louder
Maybe if we stay a little stronger
Maybe make them prouder

Maybe if we give more than we take
Maybe if we don't stop and stare
Maybe if we stop pretending and don't fake
But we all know life isn't fair

You see it's the silence that causes the pain
And the truth that causes the shame
It's the humbleness to blame
And the fading rainbow after the rain.

— The End —