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Teemers  Oct 2019
Teemers Oct 2019
There is this part of me that will always remain hidden,
And that’s the world, the evolving of beautiful chaos, intertwined in beauty
Have you appreciated sympathy before appealing for an applaud?
What is reward without tears?
What are fears without goals?
Viewing things from my heart benefits the truth
Viewing things from my mind understands the truth
Running from the lack of freedom, why do we feel trapped in our own beings?
**** just got real, **** just got deep, and I just needed to stop and just feel.
I got this part of me that makes me go crazy
Smart people seem like crazy people to dumb people.
Hypocrites are overpopulating our world
Stop bashing on what you hate, yet promote what you love
I don’t want to compare your story to anyone else’s.
It was unique , I separated it from the rest.

— The End —