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Pineapples Jun 22
I need to find somebody who can tear me away
From the car crime babies and switchblade days
The bark of the unemployment hounds
And the thud of the thick white skull on the ground
I won't die in the bony arms of the state
To be laid to rest in the wake of a faded town

If the raincoats come to steal my home
There's a big white house at the end of the road
I can see you wrapped in Egyptian thread
In a marble garden immune to the mess
If you leave this world in a rhinestone shroud
We could finally make your father proud

If I leave this world in a loaded daze
I can finally have and eat my cake

I wanna die like a rich boy, diving
In a hydrocodone dream
And you can die like a rich girl by me
Oh how the magazines will grieve
I'll die like a rich boy, bathing
In a milk bath I could drown
I wanna die like a rich boy
Even if we're as poor as we are now

I wanna die like a rich boy, drowning
in a lake that bears my name
And you can die like a rich girl by me
Flushed and radiant with fame
I wanna lie in state on the TV
In a golden cardboard crown
I wanna die like a rich boy even if we're
As poor as we are now

I've found you now so tear me away
From the feral street they lumped us in
I'll be Shakespeare's moonstruck king
We can lose our minds at the top of the hill
We burn cash and carry a decadent flame
Way into the night and beyond the grave
  Sep 2019 Pineapples
I catch myself seeking you out
when I know you're miles away,
and I hate myself for thinking about
you and your face everyday.
I wonder sometimes how you do it?
How you carry on without concern...
how you get so close but not feel ****?
That's something I wish I could learn.
Because loving you is killing me
but I don't know how to refrain,
and I know that you will never see
that it causes me so much pain.
Cuz I'm cursed with too much emotion,
and I'm fragile with a heart of glass,
I'm bound by a false sense of devotion,
and I can't let go of the past.
And I hate you for not loving me
and I know that just isn't fair,
I know I'm nothing....I'm nobody
for which you should even care.
I thought time would help subside
any feelings I had for you,
but they have only intensified...
I wish it wasn't true.
I'm sorry I ever started all this
it's something I truly regret,
but I'm still glad you gave me that kiss
it was one I will never forget...
Just another poem about he who's name shall not be spoken! Lol
Pineapples Sep 2019

Nothing but you.
Pineapples Sep 2019
Left alone with my thoughts....

This world should end for the better....

At least my world should....

How cruel I am to bring life into this existence.....

My children will be tarnished forever with the tormented, jilted and ****** path I have laid....

All I ask for, is for them to see clear...please do not stay on this beaten track...please do not be cursed with my mind....

I am scared for them.....

I am scared...
  Sep 2019 Pineapples
When I look into your eyes
I see more than just brown...
I see pools of dark chocolate
in which I want to drown.
Like shots of aged whiskey
they intoxicate me-
I forget all my troubles
and for a moment, I'm free.
They make me feel warm,
so safe and secure.
No longer a sinner-
they make me feel pure.
They're the color of sugar
when caramelized,
with a devilish charm
that has me mesmerised.
Much like the earth
drenched in rain-
with unstoppable force
they now flood my brain.
To be lost in their depths
is where I long to be...
but those perfect brown eyes
were never meant to see me.
I love his eyes
  Sep 2019 Pineapples
alone again
just wishing you were here...
to feel your strong arms
holding me near.
missing the warmth
of your eyes, so deep,
i close my own
and drift to sleep....

awakened by a whispered
word in the wind,
a soft breeze tickling
my naked skin.
like fingers it brushes
through my hair,
then a shadow floats faintly
across the cold air.

could that whisper
be one from your lips?
or that tickle come
from your fingertips?
was it your hand
that caressed, lovingly?
is that shadow you,
in the dark, i can't see?

so i call out to you....
my love, are you there?!
but my desperate hands feel
nothing but air.
so i lay back down
and i shed tear,
alone again
just wishing you were here...
Another really old one I came across
Pineapples Aug 2019
let the salt from my tears pour into your wounds..............still bitter and fresh like the first truthful cut
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