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Kayla Hofmeyr Jul 2015
It's not the shouting that causes the pain
It's not the lies that causes the shame
It's not the anger that's to blame
It's not the drought after the rain

It's not that easy to get out
It's our hearts filled with doubt
The walls still come crashing in
We still don't know where to begin

Maybe if we pray a little longer
Maybe if we scream a bit louder
Maybe if we stay a little stronger
Maybe make them prouder

Maybe if we give more than we take
Maybe if we don't stop and stare
Maybe if we stop pretending and don't fake
But we all know life isn't fair

You see it's the silence that causes the pain
And the truth that causes the shame
It's the humbleness to blame
And the fading rainbow after the rain.

— The End —