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Jan 2020
The feeling I get is a sin but it takes me to heaven
My heart was planted here but no longer grows
Love flows but surely is not dying on a cross

Let the blood river run through me
Take my blues away
Move with me
Like the wind moves the Sea

I've seen the Reaper tear through my eyes
Flames splitting waves of time
Dancing around the trails of phantom horses

And my soul mate is dead and gone
I'll watch under the frozen river for him in Autumn
See him when the sun sets in Spring

Here I am again
Rolling out with the waves
It's pitch black and I'm swallowing midnight
I start to lower and become one with the body of time
Fear steps in and takes over
Like I'm some dummy in a ventriloquist gig

I see the lady with the blue flaming eyes
She tests me
God dangles the Holy Grail in front of my eyes
But I'm almost full

Here he comes
Blood gathers under my chest plate
Ash in an hour glass
I think I know him better when he's dreaming

What a tease
Waking moments
Longing moments
As I'm torn from his arms yet again

Below the window, scales glimmer with moonlight
Through the murky blades
As I welcome Death like an old friend telling jokes to fill the silence
The Dead come singing in tongues
The sounds amidst the field affirm that I'm not dreaming

Dusk is layered and securing my skin
A sweet kind of tune
In between realities
I've heard this song before

Like a drunken clown on a merry-go-round
Here he comes
Now I don't fear him
Shaking diamond dice and rolling snake eyes
I roll two sixes and I know it's time to leave this dream
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