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Of all the things
That I can be
I choose to mope around
And wait for things
To “let it be”
Sometimes I contemplate
Wether this life is unfair
Everyone gets second chances
While I just sit right over there

I’ve gone to search
For something new
But my imagination
Puts me in Jupiter’s many moons
I’m overzealous of things yet untouched
I wish that I could see
Like the Hubble and its keen eye
But not even a team of experts
Can cure me from my obstinate personality
So I let your records play
To the tune of my gloomy days

I can see the universe and its anomalies
I try to comprehend this world
But I can’t for the life of me
But I don’t need to if you’re ever by my side
Knowledge can be power
But love may never die

So when I’m overwhelmed
With what I don’t know
Let’s take a trip
To all these parts unknown
Where all the lizards can reside
I want to go
Let’s watch this sunset
For tomorrow is never known
Johnny walker Mar 26
There are times In one life
sometimes you never get to say all you need
so sad this Is, but very true for me I believe Helen's life was taken years before her
and to me just ain't right religion will tell you God called her no way
******* I don't think
I'm not looking for a ticket to Heaven If I had one and I could get enough money for it I'd sell
so I have no fear if speaking  my mind
I remember when Helen was dying In
hospital we agreed not to tell her but as I getting Helen a drink I
a female Priest was approaching Helen's Hospital bed about
read Helen her last rights 
she no permission or
rights to do
fortunate Helen didn't see her, so grab the priest
to one side and told
her Helen doesn't know I
said, well she said Ok I'll say a prayer
her, when I get back to the chapel
so I told her do as you wish but If Helen doesn't get where she's heading you be the first to know about It
Helen I think really knew her time was up but Helen wanted nothing to
with Church after the
way priest had treated so badly and turned their backs in her In time of
so she wasn't buried In the Catholic part of the cemetery Helen wouldn't have wanted
that she was buried
else because Helen regardless of religion got on with
everybody In
Sometimes a life Is not not to tell someone you love, all you need to say sometimes life Is cut short as It was with my wife
Thalia Jul 2018
Maybe it was
your smile,
or your eyes
or the way you spoke
that made my heart
—a bit

Maybe it was
your hair
soaking wet,
or your body
peeking through
your dripping shirt
or your arms
which I thought
would be perfect
around me
that made me not
take my eyes
off of you
—for a short time

Maybe it was
your artistic hand
and how you speak
through your
or how you can
create a world
of your own
with your craft
that made me
admire you
—for quite
some time

But this,
I know for sure;
It was the way
you smiled at me,
and how
your eyes shrank
when you did;
It was the way
you spoke to me
with the
right words
that night
when I needed it
the most
that is making
my heart race
—until now

It was the way
you touched my
soaking tangled hair,
your body
close to mine;
when you put
your arms
around me
and told me
I was worth it
when I cried
that made me not
take my eyes
off of you
I had
the chance

It was the way
your art
drew itself
into my heart;
how you
knocked down
my walls
from the tips
of your
without you
how you
a new world
for me
with your craft
of making
people happy
that made me
admire you
—for a long time

But I hope
you would
feel the same
for me
—even though
I badly
want you to
I'm a mess,
and I don't want
to be
the one
who will
all the things
I adored
about you

I hope you
would never
feel the same
because I
don't know
if I could
love you right.
I hope you
would never
feel the same
I don't
really know
how to love
—at all

—You're just too good for me
averyn Feb 2017
we were the meaning of a tragedy,
hands in each other's chest,
kissing and loving each other,
but we both knew we're closer to the edge.

one by one our clothes disappear,
as our end draw near.
we push each other a lot,
just to wait for the other to pull back.

and then later, after the show,
we slowly drift away from each other.
lovers to friends. friends to strangers.
for we have fallen out of love a long time ago.

and what we do are just memories
we'd always wish to undo.

— The End —