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Isaac Sep 2021
flipping cards, interpreting the message
but too scared to just shoot you a message
and ask you a couple of questions
too worried about repeating lessons
thought you were my blessing now I'm second-guessing
btp Jul 2019
Walking on planet earth
Seeing souls given birth
Walking paths far and wide
Seeing nothing by my side
Walking to my blurred out casket
Hiding from my blood spilled hatchet
btp Jul 2019
She clipped my wings
The girl that sings
But I stabbed her in the back
And grew my wings back
So I could be soaring through the skies
So I could run from my inevitable demise
But I've still got both feet on the ground
And I feel like I've only been drowned
btp Jul 2019
You're looking at
The mask that
you put on the world
btp Jul 2019
Time equals your amount of thoughts
Hillary B May 2018
if the ocean were to take you
i'd jump in after you
i’m a pretty decent swimmer
yet not one that can save
the waves are stronger than my will

but i’d tread ice cold water
to hold you close once more

the tides can pull us under
the current can drag us out
the seaweed can wrap us closer
i'd have neither fear nor doubt

i'm sure we'd find Atlantis
or possibly grow some gills
i'm sure love under water
is an even bigger thrill
Stefania S Apr 2016
my time, yet an hour short
i can't be plummeting these depths
viscous drive-by, shouting
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I've been treading water, trying not to drown
But I'm afraid, I'm finally going down
The waves are coming faster
And of self control I am no master
Should I hold my breath as I plunge
Or breath in the water and quickly this life expunge
I keep my eyes open as I am sinking
But I can't keep from blinking
When a colorful fish swims by
Then turned around and looked me in the eye
What he had to say gave me chills
"Why don't you just grow gills
We all must change and adapt
Or none of us would live through life's crap"
Wise words from a fish's lips
And if I survive, I'll never again eat fish and chips
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
Walking on a sheet of glass
Each step brings spider web cracks
How much longer will it hold
Just how far will it let me go
Some days I tread lightly
Hoping it will crack just slightly
But days like today I jump
Ready to test out my luck
Really hoping it will shatter
So on the rocks below I splatter
But of course it held
So I'll just stand and yell
Till someone hears my cry
And rescues me form the sky
And my growing wish to die
Sethnicity Jul 2015
They only want to hear of your suffering
They only whistle while you toil
They only #treadringsonagainonyour soul
So we lay down tar and feather quill to papier-mâché a roadway from our broken heart artery and bleed the anguish out into to a milkyworldwideweb.away to cure the Treading on Agony, be numb to the likes along the highway revel in the thin line between heaven and earth let your feet rise above your head and let your hand be the rubber on the road of revelations.
Response to "Trending on Agony" by Shanna Stojakovich
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