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Bees, yellow and black with a six pack of knees.,
Freeze! it was a mellow attack but he stung my??🤣
It's cruel to be kind if kind is cruel it gives you the mind to see it all.
I hope that I'll be in this position
Or maybe there will be another addition...
In our lives, in coalition
Under any condition...a life of love....
Mater wouldn't bother if bother didn't mater so if you bother to mater then I will bother with you😊
There's a nail half in the wood.. Someone is trying to get you to hit it in  for there amusement
It's quite a easy answer! No! Because I don't have a hammer...
But what happens when you do have a hammer do you knock it in to find out what happens or do you stick to your original plan.. There are to many unwanted tools in the world now and if you don't have them you wont use them x
Blt yesterday's challenge bit slow
You follow as i swallow you leave my heart a howling hollow.
Crystal clear trickle of ice cold streams steams in the warm ray of the sun as it carves features round the bonsai green, things never seen places it shouldn't have been like the blood stream trying to keep clean,
to tamper is mean is it better to dream.
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