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  Aug 2021 Cherry
Imran Islam
I feel you inside me
though you are not with me
No one can find you
but I can see you next to me!

You aren't far away from me
You are in my heartsore
You aren't behind my eyes
but always in my tears!

I can't forget you; it's difficult for me
I still love you as I did before.
I'm not asking you to come back to me
but you could love me some more!

You still come in my dreams
and make me smile
I still read your love poems
and follow your style.

Your moon shines in my sky
It will never depart away.
You'll remember me when I die
Just forgive me that day!
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Cherry Aug 2021
Don't ask me what's on my mind
Cause I'm too busy thinking about what's on yours.?
  Aug 2021 Cherry
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
  Mar 2020 Cherry
Kafka Joint
Would you like to come up for a coffee?
- (smiling) Just a coffee?
- A good coffee is never just a coffee!
  Mar 2020 Cherry
We never spoke the words aloud,
But his eyes said it all.
my favorite moment is now just a memory.
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