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  Mar 2020 Cherry
Kafka Joint
Would you like to come up for a coffee?
- (smiling) Just a coffee?
- A good coffee is never just a coffee!
  Mar 2020 Cherry
We never spoke the words aloud,
But his eyes said it all.
my favorite moment is now just a memory.
Cherry Dec 2019
I hate myself for not having a sharp tongue
I hate the way I treat rough edges like smooth surfaces
I hate the way that I think that cuts are necessary
I don’t ******* need pain.
  Oct 2019 Cherry
Kafka Joint
Step for step,
You can step away,
Or you stay.
  Oct 2019 Cherry
Kafka Joint
It's difficult to sleep without you,
With you, it's rather impossible.
  Oct 2019 Cherry
Kafka Joint
At some point of time,
I'll be fine, you'll be fine,
At some point of marvellous time.
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