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Nard Wolfe Dec 2019
‪I’m still looking for you‬
But if I found you in the dark, would you take my hand?
You don’t have to tell me what happened back then
Come here, to my shoulder, you can cry, I’ll wait and lend
I’ll bring you out of here, I’ll get your heart mend
But if I found you in the dark, would you take my hand?

But if you don’t, I’ll still be near you somewhere at the corner end.
Cc Jun 2019
Just stay awake
Just keep talking
Just pretend you love me
Just hold on
Everything is so much scarier in the dark, love.
Tatiana Aug 2015
I stand out in the dark
my fear making me a spotlight
where everyone can see
how I'm frozen to the spot
eyes wide, staring at one point
that seems to be masked by the dark.
But I can see it,
it's there, it has to be.
Wait... I think it moved.
I'm gone I'm gone I'm gone
I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead
Sing a little something please
just to calm me
so I can go in peace.
That's all I want.
As my fear lights me up
showing me off to the evil around me.
To the darkness
To the darkness
Here I am for you to take me
Away from the light that makes me
A target.
Stop. No more.
Fear is controlling me
making me shine in places
that I don't want to be.
That thing is moving closer
closer to me.
To me.
To me.
Please leave me be.
I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared
of what is to become of me
if I allow myself to shine
in the wrong way
in the dark.
The dark the dark the dark
Go away please.
These imagined creatures are torturing me.
They're all my eyes can perceive
since my vision is clouded with
fear fear fear
and nothing is
clear clear clear.
I must get out
pull my feet out of the ground
but it is so difficult
as they have become roots
seeking the safety and stability that the soil
provides them.
I still can't move my legs
and now my arms are frozen above my head
and I feel my skin becoming more rough
and I find that I no longer have a mouth.
I can't speak, scream, or fight
my rooted feet had sunk too deep
and the spotlight has gone away
yet I am here to stay
to witness others get lost just like me
and watch their painful transition
into a tree
Whose face is etched in hard lines on the trunk
and whose mind wanders like they used to
But yet nothing is the same anymore
as their feet sunk too deep
since their fear made them take root
in the dark
In the dark
In the dark
This is kind of what I fear while being in the dark.
I should stop
Just stop and walk away
Walk away from everything
Hinder my problems

But I can't
It's my fault
Every touch, a punishment
Every kiss, torture

Lust filled eyes
Leering in the dark
No one notices
Just me

Heart thumping, waiting
For the clear signs of hunger
Just one call is all it takes
To take me in again

And I'll succumb
To your kisses
Your disgusting touches
The monster I created
The affair I'll keep hidden.

— The End —