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R Dec 2019
That day,
we were riding
in the same old wreckage of a car
that you wouldn't change
because it reminded you of some actress you used to like.
you told me I look like her.
I never liked to be compared to, you knew that
you knew so much about me
that you could shatter
my existence,
but you never did that,
instead, you loved me.
And the next time we met
you came in a new car.
We went to the same places
talked about the same things
but today, you didn't compare me to anyone.
today you accepted me
as I am.
R Feb 2019
I belong right here
in your arms
where I can be safe
from myself.

R Jan 2019
There is a place,
where flowers still bloom,
where there is a fire called love.
There is a place,
where we are still together.

R Jan 2019
When we met
for the first time,
our hearts must've stopped
to synchronize
with each other's,
maybe that's what love is.

R Jan 2019
I won't be
to forget
I surely
remember you.

R Dec 2018
you talk so much
I like to watch you talk
about the things you like
things you don't like;
but the way you
talk about me
to me
makes me feel
whole again.

R Dec 2018
I can only imagine
your pain
you have been torn apart
your heart, shattered
into pieces of those memories
which once had
a completely different meaning;
I wish
I could do something,
to help you
let you go.

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