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Light House Feb 2017
Before the garden was saved...  It fell countless times.
But each time it fell, it was saved & restored; & each time has been worth the effort.  This is fact, not mere opinion.

The garden has fallen in many fashions.  It has gone out
every way imaginable.  It has been burned.  It has been ridden
with plague & disease.  It has consumed itself through greed.
It has killed, turning corrupt eye ...time after time after time..
It has frozen over, gone cold with stone & ice.  It has been stretched,
& all-l-l  ..the way to death, it has bled.  It has been its own worst enemy,
& has also played the victim.
As it has fallen, so shall it be risen.

It has gone out every way imaginable...  Implying then, it has been saved every way imaginable...

There is one cycle, in which the city was drenched, died due to a dogged downpour.  The garden suffocated; it was flooded,
submerged... condemned.. to the bottom of a new-lake.
Rusting & flaking beneath... drowned, Garden did..
Flowers seaweeds.  Treasures & high-test soil ..buried;
everything bloated & breaking, like Atlantis rotting ...Garden sank.

But in this cycle, the city was saved... not by something with scales,
but by a creature with feathers, instead.  This is the tale of
the Sea Hawk  ..the Osprey.

He dove down from the clouds, as if they were cliffs
into this new-lake deep, full of some sort of
new-kind-of-spirit & reached... out with his grasp,
till his fingers clasped..  the tip of the ship.  Like a toothpick,
he uplifted said-ship, pinching it..  like a nerve, holding it...
like some old, legendary sword by its bowsprit-of-a-grip.
a bowsprit is the long piece of wood you often see jutting out forward over the ship's bow, extending over the figurehead.  Apologies if that is confusing.  I think that is a decent enough explanation?  Let me know if I am wrong.
Unedited for now.
Notes regarding Garden & this hawk idea I have now added to the mix.
Everything in the works.
Claiming this more unfinished than I was originally going to claim it.  Will be updating this one.
Light House Feb 2017
"Hawks migrate you know?  & force of wind can be a large & pesky variable, little brother.  Sometimes the things you believe will propel you into the right direction ---- actually end up pushing you off course. Sometimes the invisible... will pull you elsewhere, regardless of wherever it was  had in mind.
The invisible....   can be reckless, unforgiving, ..uncaring; however, Lady Luck has always smiled for me.  I've always been devil-may-care, as it has always felt right to be so.  That is.. to play the role of the wildcard, & to be given a supernatural sort of sight, which has led me through the Piano Key Seas....
Come to think of it...  That was my mistake:  failing to avoid large bodies of water.  Those gusts out there.... in the middle of all the waves.  I should have flown 'round the coastline, instead.  Those **** gales...!"

He pauses & adjust his silver spectacles:  They look as if they come from somewhere far away or were crafted in a time long before his day or age.

"But I navigated a way...  I listened.  I truly listened & ...Voila!
Here-I-am:  The Hawk, the Wildcard, the Raptor  ..the Rock & Rolla...."
So fear not-for the Garden, or for anything, little brother. Fate
has brought me back be the one who saves this place before
you come-to out of dreams & sleep.... to do all of what I do, now,
all over again.."

He then proceeds to take the city by its metaphorical hand & wrist,
& pull the drowning-ship--of-a-nation -- incl. his sleeping brother --
up from the waking grip of the Hollow.  He had tacked the wind
ten-thousand times ..& then some; he would now tug o' war
...with gravity.
Unfinished.  A sort of intro to a prelude to these hummingbird chronicles I have going on.  I was reading up on hawks as well & have read multiple times of how they will protect hummingbirds by killing off predators that prey on hummingbirds, as well as by not eating or harming them, themselves; even though they theoretically it can as far as the food chain goes.  They allow them to live in a sense.

This piece is unfinished, but inspired.  Working title & everything.
Thank you all.  All my love.

Also, for clarification:  This is a scene in a prequel I suppose you can call it.  It is still all abstract to even myself, but I will word it plainly as to make it easy to understand.  Please forgive the lack of polishing:

There is a city named Garden in later stories.  It is protected by a few heroes.  Here, it is being saved by this hawk-hero BEFORE any of those few heroes have taken up a name or anything yet.  One of those heroes, is this hawk-guys younger brother who is in a state of 'torpor,' asleep.  I am not sure what I am going to do with this hero yet.  I may have his story go untold, at least within 'his world' thereby conveying how some heroes are 'comically doomed' in a sense to do all of the work, & receive not one shred of credit for it.  We shall see.  Apologies for the repost and all this explaining.  Will sort all of this out one day when I have the time.  I do promise that.

Working title for now.
Light House Feb 2017
You could say the rains were harsh.
You could say the skies looked dark.
You could say the plumes of smoke ..dotting .them
looked even blacker than dark, & that the wind barked...
You could say the thunder relentlessly rolled.
You could say the lightning, with each strike, tolled.
I could say I told you all so, but then I would just be talking to ghosts,
after all...

& so he soared, through the storm, through misty clouds,
in search of mythical shores, in search of much more than lore.

"Oh yeah?"  she sang.  Bare, true, plated in truth, she spoke.
A naked Valkyrie, needing no armor or sword, just a winged
pair of yellow striped black boots & soul;
they stretched up to her knees.

Alongside feathers, shoulder to shoulder rippled the flag...
....of the Bees.

& so they soared, through the storm, through misty clouds....
a man, parts computer & hummingbird
& a woman, parts Valkyrie & bee        . .... search of mythical shores,
in search of much more than lore, pretend, or make-believe.

Like something new, strong...  through the storm, they swirled
making their own gusts: a two-part vortex, opening through raw gum,
they teethed.  As one buzzed, the other hummed: the Angel & the Unicorn, the hummingbird & the bee, inversely.
Experimental Notes.
Untitled for now.
These days
Adam Worlock is my best friend

He knew I never was
what they call
a bad guy

He knows what it was like for gods and kings
When we go for love
we go hard

He could see
more than anyone in the universe
I knew and know

Its not about being cocky
Its about doing and being me

I cant say that about my friend

He needs to examine his
examine his personal issues
Instead of pretending like they don’t exist
The day will come when they want to fight him.
Hes going to be kinda stuck

But that’s what best friends are for

These days
I'm out of that love game
no more future ex’s
no more making ex’s current

I'm  reading and writing a few books
getting back to meditating
Might even plant a garden

©Christopher F. Brown 2016
jack of spades Dec 2015
Sugar and spice and everything nice,
Wolverine claws and a venomous bite,
Armed to the teeth for a ***** fight:
This is what teenage girls are made of.

Maybe I fall in love too easily,
But I’m just sixteen.
And I’m just sixteen but
When you cat call me and I pretend not to hear you,
You call me catty as if it’s surprising.
When you wolf whistle at me and I ignore you,
You call me names that aren’t PG.
I’m just sixteen but I’ve got news for you:
I’m a she-wolf, far from domesticated so
Whistling will do nothing for you.
I don’t answer the call of any man, because
I’m a lioness, and every time you catcall me
You forget who does the hunting.
You need reminding, to be put in your place.
You’re a predator but I’m not your prey-
No, you’re a predator but I’m much, much
Much higher up on the food chain.
Whistle and call all night long,
I’ll chew you up and spit you out
Like the kind of bubble gum that isn’t worth a trash can.
I’d call you a pig, but pigs usually have a
Higher IQ than you do.
My bones are made of titanium, of Adamantium, and
My rage came from the cosmos, and I control hurricanes with the water in my lungs.

I am catty,
And I am a *****,
But you are a nobody,
Food for the vultures and
A piece of furniture to sharpen my claws on.
You may be a knife, but my heart is a diamond.
I am a diamond, and you are made of fossil fuels.
We are both the product of years of pressure,
But I took my disasters and made myself beautiful.
You let yourself become ugly, nowhere to go
Except standing on corners late at night,
Pollution spilling from your mouth and your eyes.

Leave me alone.
That’s not me being ‘hard-to-get,’ no,
That’s my wolf howl and the growl of my inner lioness.
Leave me alone,
Or else.
read it while wearing dark lipstick that stains microphones
mads Feb 2015
graphic novels drawn,
comic books fly about,
hero come to life.
cait-cait Nov 2014
i wish i could go back
and savor you;
the sunshine on your face,
as if it were pages of a story,
and the feeling of warmth
like the sun on my back
as i read you like
the comic book you were,
i wish i could start over
so then i could feel
this all
naruto is ending and im crying

— The End —