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the deaf moment we deal  
  the air as what we breath vis-a vis-a argued
  i'm sorry but how can i stop?

just being sorry you can't carry forward a spring  
  deal with what affects are the burning of jet fuel and
unsold seats half filled planes modern travel is
  has more to do with the quality of our air
than is being sorry is as necessary

stopping one is more than stopping breathing
  the first farewell is one of conscience
Dark Fjord Oct 6
promise me i wont want to be hurt
Dark Fjord Oct 5
my good nurse
   takes no phone calls while you nurse
cons or bets and milk formulas
   and to just say "later... to holding me to your *******
   a hardened ear to eat until you call me baby
my mouth wonders,
then wanders away by wunderlust
to the other side of your chest
Dark Fjord Oct 5
Sitting alone like a truth
Smiles Mona Lisa smiles
Dark Fjord Oct 4
i wake from dreams and want just cake
eat eat and eat with snow falling around me
Dark Fjord Sep 29
the sister who says
*** how cool is this guy
strokes your ego
and by a heart beat
can end it
because you are lost in asking
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