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Dark Fjord Feb 28
pour your misery down on me
i'm only happy when it rains
Dark Fjord Jan 28
in the burned forest
inevitability coaxed out of ugliness
and was patient
to breath very closely
in the hut of farmers green tea room
the rough, flawed, muddy colors
swelled as the tsunami before me.
Dark Fjord Nov 2018
water and the sun
makes long clapping
tombs to the curving air,
swarming the grounded feet
barely can hold rivers of waste
and where does times sound bow
my mouth slips below beaded line
the strike of communion:
   external hammer
my jewels
sure face
of yes
Dark Fjord Nov 2018
priestess so quite young enter sanctuary
her eye deep-set, tragic, and restless,
her hair a dark untamable torrent,
falling round her shoulders
a crown yet to be bestowed
to bid children yet to be born and begin.
Dark Fjord Nov 2018
to young women whose age sun knows
surf the old dances more fast and furious
forget all their sorrows in moonlight dances.
Dark Fjord Nov 2018
by some galvanized dance
grab in each other by the hand
we  grouped and whirled until by exhaustion
by our great revolution claim
nothing is impure or unclean
you are my unforgettable physical trance!
Dark Fjord Nov 2018
to the pain and the effort to walk
smell the blood on the wind
will it hurt much, you ask
   and we cry yes!
this explains somethings  
seemingly impossible
and so here build your ballistic
in Iceland
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