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Fire Jan 2021
The heartbroken witch
gazed at the flickering flame,
unable to take her eyes
off the candle slowly weakening.
‚And when you die‘
she whispered
‚Take my feelings for him
with you.‘

It did.
an epiphany
Fire Jan 2021
She used to be a cloud
stretched endlessly
so the people below
would never know the sun.
Every now and then
she mustered up the strength
to rain.
Silent tears
slipped from her
incorporeal eyes.
And the people below
bowed their heads.
And only spoke of the sun
in legends and whispers.
I noticed i only come here when I am disappointed.
Fire Jan 2021
Our shared moments
have the life span
of a lit cigarette,
But for the very first time
I don‘t grieve for the ember,
that will never spark a flame.

We were never meant to be a forest fire.
There is nothing but smoke in our lungs.
Fire Oct 2019
She travels like the rain,
never stays long
in the same place,
drips on ***** sidewalks
and hums a rhythm
on your window.
And she speaks like the wind
and she sings with the leaves
dying on the trees.
You wouldn’t catch her
if you tried.
you are ghosting me again
Fire Oct 2019
'I'm a good lover
but not a good boyfriend
and I wouldn't want to drag you down
with what I'm going through
right now.
That's why I'm so careful around you.

I forgot the rest.
you also told me you were ******* another girl at the moment.
Fire Oct 2019
You will never read this,
never know these words exist
and that's exactly why
I wanted to tell you
right here that
I cried for you.
Last night, walking
through a pitch dark park
past other lonely souls,
tear after tear
I cried.
Because I felt
Because I wanted to
fall back in your arms
but knew
I never ever
last night a guy broke my heart right after telling me how comfortable he's around me and that he hasn't had this feeling for quiet a while now. but that was it.
Fire Jul 2019
honey-hued hopes
and stardust specked dreams,
a sea of gray shapes
inked solely by midnight blue magick
and pine needle green fear.
Emotions have colours
and so do my lies,
hand me some scissors
I'd like to cut through these ties.
Just as spilled sunrises
the winds are always tinted
in pale morning light.
They talk to me
as if dawn has yet to come
and fragments of an indigo future
are hiding in slumbering flowers.
my future as foretold in Tarot cards
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