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Jac May 20
it was with me,
as a lover’s kiss

like invisible wings,
just the feathers that had
darkened a bit

an inescapable shadow
i was passively existing in.
will you break them for me?
basil May 1
my teardrops
are hanging on strings
and you pull them
just right
mother, you have always been the puppetmaster. and i wish i could cut my strings.

one day i'll have the scissors. and when that day comes, i'm not ever looking back. so enjoy this power while you can.

two thin strings
pulled our poor souls together
we thought we were soulmates
but the same strings that draw us
slowly reached through out and circled around our entire body
until we both struggled to breathe
the air we inhale does not reach our lungs anymore
the love we share does not fill our hearts like before
Stars are meant to find us — it follows our every step
together with the strings attached;
we were meant for more.

Stars are the happiest when it is night,
moon's shadow
makes it more
beautiful than ever.

I shivered when you touched my hair — I drew invisible maps
in your palm,
this is our little secret.

If the seas separated us
and crowd's demeaning noise — these stars were meant to find us,
these maps will draw you near to me.

Stars are the happiest when it is night,
moon's shadow
makes it more
beautiful than ever.

Your hands brushed mine — for the last time
cherishing a few moments — every minute is important.

I kissed your forehead and my eyelids closed — while your body vanishes in front of me — until it left me hugging myself in the crisp night of December.

Alone in this dear night
promising me an empty tomorrow — maybe it will lead me to something hopeful.

Stars are the happiest when it is night,
moon's shadow
makes it more
beautiful than ever.

I turned around — only my footsteps can break the silence — into the last bitter night of December.
These maps will bring you to me.

Until we meet again.
Writing this makes my heart realize my worth as a woman.
We'll keep waiting until, he find us.
dear quinn,

you can't stop
playing the
you're afraid
of breaking the

and you can't stop
you're afraid
of pushing people

Georgie Mar 2
Two strings
Pulled together
Stretched apart

No attachments
No obligations
Just free

But what happens when
One string starts to get
Why am I like this
Colm Feb 2
Cold strings quietly
Ask for vibrance and true song
To be strummed made live
On youthful learning fingers
Tipped with determination
Bring the strings to life, kid. Just like banjo Jimmy did.

MAKIng hIS plaCE

nO OTHer caN repLACE
Manan sheel Dec 2019
Love is neither just old,
nor is it just new...

Love is when the old and the new
intertwine warmly,
and it is difficult to tell one from
the other...

Love is when the strings of
the old and the new play together
to fill this earth with music...

© Manan sheel.
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