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Careful concealment,
For the need for Atonement
As the Moon claims the best of she-
Drawing her closer to the song of the Sea
Then exalted to clouds, far past the sky
Skimming the tips of the Milky Way
In his warm arms, forever lie
She only dreams those to see that day
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Sonia Ettyang Nov 2018
There are those in life
Who have given their best
Shot their best shot
Jumped their longest stride
Walked their longest mile
Ran their longest race
Climbed their highest peak
Although somehow they still haven't reached their destination
Haven't found their happy ending
But they still put their best foot forward
they rise after every fall and keep pushing
Until one day the find their answer
Until one day they turn dust into gold
Until one day they become the light at the end of the tunnel
They beam like a lighthouse
and show the world who they are made of, made of stardust
They shine bright like gemstones on the midnight blue sky

To be a star you need to embrace the darkness
Stars can't shine without darkness
Hannah thomas Sep 2018
I think I'm beginning to understand
That the galaxies under my skin
Were never made for public consumption

That the stars in my eyes
And the moonlight in my hair
Would be more than they could handle

That the planets within my veins
Would remained unexplored
Until the day that HE comes

And gets lost within
My milky way skin
and solar system mind

Too in love with my space
That he never wants to
Come back to the ground

More alien than human
It's the only way he'll survive
That's the only kind of love
I want

The kind that's out of this world
Lady Ravenhill Mar 2017
My soul is getting restless
Wishing to sail away
Far from mortal misery
the earthy fear and woes
but waiting here as human
with no way to call to home
Searching every corner hoping
that hiding somewhere deeply
It will find the a map, the gateway too,
a way across the sea of stars
to sail back to its celestial home
with you
the galaxy will be ours.
©LadyofRavenhill 3.13.17
Lady Ravenhill Mar 2017
We are all children of the universe
As much trees as we are stars

Our roots grow
And bear fruit
Our seedlings sprout
We are like the trees

Our eyes wink like stars
Shine brightly
And then go out
We are shooting stars

We are all made of pollen and stardust
Children of the forest and the sky
©LadyofRavenhill 3/9/17
Mysidian Bard Mar 2017
Reaching out across the stars,
we've had to fight since birth,
so that our burning avatars
could unite our lights on earth.

Arms raised not to withdraw
beneath the crying horizon,
a closing coup de grâce
where a shattered moon is rising.

Towards one another we race
with no space left to divide
the endless dancing embrace
of two worlds that finally collide.
Lady Ravenhill Feb 2017
The universe called.
Did you send the last upload?
Add your mind to ours.
©LadyofRavenhill 12/19/16
Haiku #12
Thomas Hatchett Jan 2017
Show me the secrets of your shadowy places, where the visage of men has not yet been.

Lead me to your garden in the grove amongst the pines, painted flaxen gold in dappled summer sun.

Show me your blooming petals and your fruiting trees. Let me harvest your abundance, caressed by honeyed fingers, cast long and low against the tree trunks, fading fire orange into vermillion, scarlet, crimson, and violet dusk.

 In twilight turning, with Venus hung low on the horizon, and Scorpius rising from the southern hemisphere,

Trust my hand and follow blindly through the forest, over hobbled rotten logs, under branches reaching, eyes shielded from their grasping, scratching talons creeping sticky with cobweb and lichen,

 Quietly toward the moonrise, eastward and down, upon a matted needle trail, softly trodden only ever

by you and by myself

Wander with me, barefoot,
out, into the ether
under the veil of our night-mother's gaze
and sublimate into the mist

Lay with me in the clover beneath the starsign symphony. Gaze upon its harmony and shimmering melody. Inhale the acrid sweet scent of our settling dew, and reveal to me your many flowered truths

Show me your soul
set aflame
from love, and life, and pain
Share yourself unequivocally
My Goddess and my muse, betrothed of imps and faerys
radiate upon me
Become my revelry
My Goddess Starchild
You- My Fire Muse
You- My Woodland Nymph, betrothed to Imps and Fairies...
Lady Ravenhill Jan 2017
There's an 'otherness'
Reflecting back in her eyes
That's not of this world
Haiku #26, 1/27/17
Alex Hill Dec 2016
In the dark you tried to find me
My heart strung out upon the floor
Don’t help me
I have to do this on my own
My heart shattered and alone
Blasted out by your sunlight
But you see nothing but me on the floor
Not noticing the shards by your feet
Stars you saw once you see no more
And if anything
That makes me shatter deeper
Your lost sight a knife to the core
But even knowing our days of joy are over
That you lost your vision of care-
I fight
To save the galaxies exploded across the tile
My soul in little specks of starlight on the cold stone
I will save what’s left of me
For me and me alone
I am infinity broken
And infinitely broken
But I’ll fight to put this starchild back together
Just like the old days
When things were better
Continuation of previous poem? Prequel? Not sure, but I thought I may link them.
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