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John Tan Mar 4
It first saw you when you were young,
The moment it laid eyes on you,
You felt a great sense of comfort,
That you had never felt before,
Although its aura gave you a sense of danger,
You were compelled by the vision it entailed.

Miraculously so, you were willing to submit your devotion to it,
But little did you know, what was ahead of you
Nothing could prepare your young mind,
For the impediment, it had designed for you,
The hours of self-doubt, rejections and loneliness.

These moments will bring you to your knees and ponder,
“Is this what dreams are made of?”
But each time you fall, you will dust yourself off,
And remember that these bits are what makes life worthwhile.
Sonia Ettyang Nov 2018
There are those in life
Who have given their best
Shot their best shot
Jumped their longest stride
Walked their longest mile
Ran their longest race
Climbed their highest peak
Although somehow they still haven't reached their destination
Haven't found their happy ending
But they still put their best foot forward
they rise after every fall and keep pushing
Until one day the find their answer
Until one day they turn dust into gold
Until one day they become the light at the end of the tunnel
They beam like a lighthouse
and show the world who they are made of, made of stardust
They shine bright like gemstones on the midnight blue sky

To be a star you need to embrace the darkness
Stars can't shine without darkness

— The End —