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  May 2015 Takhallus Sha'er
In the safety of your arms
The world makes sense
  May 2015 Takhallus Sha'er
It's your love that reaches me first
Long before the scent of you
Or the heat of your flesh

It's your love that reaches me first
Before the soothing sound of your voice
Or your prose meant solely for me

Like distant tinkling bells
Or the scent of orange blossoms on a breeze
It's your love that reaches me first
  May 2015 Takhallus Sha'er
Crazy reared its many heads
Twisted shades of paisley swirls
Kaleidoscope emotionality
Rollercoaster of fear and love
Through the storms of mushroom clouds
An air of peace remained
For that ever-changing scene
Was founded in the purest love
The realest dream come true
No fear of insanity consuming truth
Truth is kaleidoscopes are beautiful
Never boring by design
There is peace in the knowledge
That crazy is exceptional, brilliant
To know a soul, exciting
And through it all
We traverse the universe as one
Riding the wings of insanity
Skiing across the seas
On the backs of narwhals
Simply because they are awesome
Settling into the reality that forever exists and it is insanely beautiful
  May 2015 Takhallus Sha'er
you save me every day
My hero
Takhallus Sha'er May 2015
Good, but...
Never good enough.
Out of place,
out of sync-
without rhyme;
and the truth
I've heard
many times:
But then, I've always known I don't belong, nor should I have an expectation to. Forever outside- to dwell in  nothingness.
Takhallus Sha'er May 2015
As if bound
and chained
to a rock
in the middle
of a vast, hot
I wait;
Praying for
a salvation
which might
come eventually...
Takhallus Sha'er May 2015
Nights like tonight are the hardest;
Clear bluish black skies-
the deepest velvet cradling the full moon...
These nights are hardest, because I
still remember her silhouette
in silvery moonlight; My angel,
my darling, sleeping peacefully
as I cradle her close...
A dream come true, but now-
just a dream; One borne of
clear bluish black skies-
the deepest velvet cradling the full moon...
Nights like tonight are the hardest.
Lost between the moon and New York city...
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