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Kevin Bennett Mar 2017
Pre-contemplation and cutting our teeth
On reading our books and ignoring our needs
A jest about pain, a joke about sadness
Driven by knowledge is driving to madness
Never accepting the reality
Of losing our grip to our insanity
Kevin Bennett Mar 2017
To what end, then, will this duty be done?
The passion and skill of a tireless free will
Answers daily duties from dusk until dawn.
Wandering freely, the soul cries for life
Oh the conflicting spare moments resisting
The insatiable urge for waning and wine

To the revolution I say "fare the well"
For I, an unbiased soldier,
Could not give brood such as this any food
Or fodder to feed or console her.
I'll accept the fate of a life out-of-reach,
Never to find or accrue
Neither faith nor fame nor money, but pain;
For all I desire is truth.
Kevin Bennett Mar 2017
Here in the dark where rules don't exist
Gravity slips my wrist to your hips
And your kiss like Soma lay burned on my lips
Sudden a slight, subtle physical gesture
So foreign to think of it - only conjecture
Alluring, your posture bent into mine first

Unable to think, unable to breathe
Unable to reason rational reasons for such indulgence
So known was he to penitence
So unknown was this dream
And that, it was a dream
Cortisol surging, testosterone flowing, epinephrine...surely would split his mind at the seam, and end this cruel romantic dream

Soma to touch her
Soma to feel her
Nothing to know, and none left to sow
Soma to see her
Soma to hear her
When won't it last? When will it go?
Soma to think
Soma to dream
Forever unknowing
Forever I'll be
Kevin Bennett Aug 2016
Just there -- I can nearly see it
Light from where they lie
Suddenly the talking stops
--trembling hands; quiet breath--
Let out the silent sigh
Kevin Bennett Aug 2016
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance
Have you lost the ability to see?
You look for another to give you some cover
My, I wonder who that will be.
Kevin Bennett Aug 2016
I just wasn't made for these times
I wasn't made, molded, borrowed or bought
I don't consider the feelings of others
And I don't walk on these shells fraught with sentimental prejudice

Do you want to hear something?
Do you want to hear the truth?
Whose truth is truer than you and your toothless troupe?
Your spineless surrogates.
Your fangs are gone and your signs are up.
If that be the truth, then I be in cuffs.

I just wasn't made for these times
A jest is a stab and a stab a statistic
Whose stats stack the stabbings of someone's jest
If none of the cameras cover it?

I don't care about you, and that's how it should be.
Why in the throes of wrought liberty shall we concede?
Why in the hour at hand, with all on the line...
I just wasn't made for these times.
Kevin Bennett Aug 2016
The slang, the eyes, the songs
******* on my life
I don't need to express myself
I need a ******* wife
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