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I really miss you every day
I hope the pain will go away.
You were the heart and soul of SHIELD this is true
But nothing’s the same without you.
Because you had values and you did what right.
Thats why I’m continuing to fight
Fight for you and the ones we’ve lost.
No matter what the cost.
I need you to know that I love you dearly.
You are the reason I can see clearly.
I hope you know that you’ve made an impact on not just me but other people too.
When we first saw you our love for you grew.
I just wanted to end this poem with a thank you. For being the hero you were.
I know people have said the same and I concur.
the darkness in my chest is too much to bear
I'm sick and tired of being lonely here
I hope one day I'll meet my best friend
And one day maybe we'll be close in the end.
It hurts that no one cares enough to start a conversation with me.
Other people around me have their close friends that I can see.
They laugh and talk with each other everyday
While I'm here just fading away.
I fear I might disappear completely, the way everyone ignores me.
I want to someday have a close friend, this I plea.
one day I'll have a best friend and they'll love me for me.
One day I'll have a best friend.... and I'll finally be free
“I was okay with dying.” The Irishman tells the ghost of an unknown soldier. “It’s inevitable. Especially in war.” He sits down facing the sunset.
The soldier picks up a red poppy from the field. “How did you die?”
“I was airborne.” Says the Irishman. “I died from a crash. You?”
The soldier looks up at him. “Gunshot wound. Although one of these poppies is for me. My body lies back in the trenches.”
The Irishman nodded. “My body lies back at the crash. No one has found me yet.”
“We were alive a short while ago.” The soldier says. “We laughed and breathed. Now we’re stuck here for eternity.”
It's Christmas time and you're not here.
Sometimes I wish I could disappear.
I miss you greatly you meant the world to me.
I wish I could have you back, This we can agree.
It's been a long time since you passed.
Christmas after Christmas, I think of you, and if you're happy at last.
You made my days brighter by just being you.
I hope one day I'll know if you are proud of me, and how I grew.
Merry Christmas mom, I love you with all my heart.
I know you're in a better place now, with a brand new start.
I don’t know how to word this I don’t know what to say
All of my emotions have made me feel this way.
I’d like to live and have a full life.
But my time has come like a cold knife.
I’m sorry to those I’m gonna hurt by doing this.
I know my life you will miss.
Just know there’s nothing you could’ve done
I fear that my depression has won.
I love you all dearly. I know you’ll cry when I’m gone.
But I hope you’ll live life without me and carry on.
Suicide depression
I hope one day I get meet you in person.
So I can tell you how much you mean to me.
You’ve helped me through me depression that we can agree.
Even though you weren’t there physically to be a comfort
I found comfort in your smile no matter how much I suffered.
You mean the world to me I hope you know that’s true.
Please know that i love you.
Thank you for being the hero that you are
You are the best person I’ve looked up to by far.
Tony you gave me hope when there was none.
I hope you know I love you a ton.
You’ve made you mark here in my heart.
With your iron suit that made your start.
You mean so much to me words can’t even say.
I really miss you everyday.
I miss your sarcastic remarks and the way you do what’s right.
I miss the way you protected those you loved with a fight.
I know your legacy will live on in the hearts of others.
You showed how good you are with your red and gold colors.
My heart still breaks when I think of how you’re gone.
But I’ll love you forever, in my heart you’ll live on.
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