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Chris Evans you mean so much to me
You can always make me smile that I can guarantee.
You’re so special and humble and like the sun, bright.
If I ever get to meet you that would be a delight.
You’ve made me become the best person I can be.
With your kindness and goodness you’re eyes shine as blue as the sea.
You’re important to many people I hope you know that’s true.
You’re amazing and loved and worth a lot of value.
So now this poem ends with the biggest I love you.
You’re the most sweetest person and nothing can change my view.
Happy birthday Chris Evans!
I never thought I’d live past 20 and let me tell you why.
I figured some day I’d **** myself so in my bed I’d cry.
So I never bothered to look toward the future what I wanted to be.
And now that’s coming back to haunt me.
Now I’m stuck and don’t know where I’m going.
The despair in my heart I feel, is growing.
Everyone, everywhere is going places all except me.
They’ll all be successful one day, I think we can agree.
The sadness in my heart about not going anywhere. I feel plenty.
Just because I’d thought I’d be dead by twenty.
Steve your chapter is now over.  
You’ve had a wonderful life and you’ve had your  closure.
You fought nazis and you’ve fought aliens. You’ve fought Tony Stark too.
And I never thought I’d have to say goodbye to you.
You’re the most bravest and kindest and spirited of them all.
If you ever needed me I would have come to your call.
I know you had your happy ending. I’m happy and a little sad too.
That I’ll never see you again. But your time here is through.
I’ll miss your confidence that everything will turn out alright.
But most of all I’ll miss you and your light.
He is beautiful like the clear night sky is beautiful.
His voice rings like natures musical.
His eyes, green, just like green tea.
If you could look at them, I think you'd agree.
He is beautiful because he has a kind soul.
The type of soul that makes you feel warm and whole.
He's just so beautiful.
‪People won’t love me unless I’m thin. ‬
‪They say “be happy in your own skin.” ‬
‪But how can I be happy when I’m so fat it’s a crime. ‬
‪I want to be less then a hundred pounds but I know that will take time. ‬
‪It will take time to be beautiful and thin. Then finally I’ll be comfortable in my own skin. ‬
My heart is torn, between loving you and not.
I prayed to get over you but my soul, which loves you fought and fought.
I don't want to love you anymore but my heart is stubborn.
I just can't seem to get over you. My soul loves you too much like a slow burn.
I know I'll never get to hold you, to be in love with you properly.
You're in love with her. You'll never love me back. I think somberly.
Just know I'll always love you, You're my whole heart, and you don't even have a clue.
Because you don't know I exist, I'm not pretty enough for you anyways.
But it doesn't matter, because you're everything to me, always.
Voices in my head constantly tell me I'm not enough, gorgeous enough, thin enough.
They tell me I should change who I am because I won't be loved looking rough.
They tell me I should have a smaller nose, smaller thighs, smaller everything.
They say "you're prettiest friends are your thinner ones. If you wanna be like them then stop eating every single little thing."
I'm disgusting, they say. I'm unworthy of love and I'll never find it.
The voices are cruel. They never let up. They tell me "All of your thin friends get the guys attention, you don't because you're **** and fat."
"They never give you a second thought because you're too big." They spat.
I know I'm **** and fat. I'm not thin. My mind is a toxic place so I'm giving up and giving in.
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