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The morning is so beautiful it’s like a sigh of relief.
The morning air is like medicine that is my belief
I say this because everything is calm and the sky is so pretty.
With reds and pinks and the orange sun, to miss it, would be a pity.
I love to hear the birds sing their beautiful songs like nature's melody.
To hear it, it’s like a soul restoring remedy.
So enjoy the beautiful morning while it lasts.
Because before you know it the morning will pass.
The descent into madness is all i’ll ever know.
The voices in my head will never let go
I stare absently at the wall
While I hear them and their call
They won’t let me ignore them, believe me I’ve tried.
They tell me they’re really angels, I get caught in their lie.
Reality checks in and I realize I have been fooled again.
I feel like once again I'm in the lions den.
They’re really devils whispering sweet nothings in my ear.
Sadly there’s nothing I can do about it. I wish I could just disappear.
I succumb to their voices and I talk with them, for if I don't they don’t quit.
It's a terrible thing to go through. I must admit.
The only way to silence them is if I'm sleeping.
For the moment I wake up I feel them creeping.
Speaking to me as soon as I open my eyes.
I really wish to them,  I could say goodbye.
If there were a cure I'd want it badly.
But alas! There’s not. Only more voices I reflect sadly.
Take your hand in mine
As I lead you through time
I hoped you’d be here for this
This is not something you’re  gonna wanna miss
Let’s reminisce about how we first met
We were at the coffee shop you hadn’t ordered yet
You looked at me with those beautiful green eyes.
I swear my heart melted on sight.
You asked me for my name. I swear you felt it too.
That we would be together, our singleness was through.
We talked, we had a lot in common.
I knew it was a good omen.
Then I got brave and asked you out for a date.
And the rest is history… My life with you is great.
My dear Jensen you’re so important to me
Ever since I saw you as the hunter that smiled with glee.
You came into my life at seventeen years old.
I knew on my heart you had a hold.
You make my days brighter and I love your smile.
I hope one day we may talk for awhile.
Talk about how much you mean to me words can't even say.
I really hope I get to meet you someday.
You really helped me with my depression
Because of you my days are brighter without question.
I really love you. I hope you know that’s true.
Every time I feel blue I just think of you.
How you would tell me It’s all gonna be okay.
You would tell me there’s always a way.
I admire you so much. The things you’ve done.
I know your soul shines brighter then the sun.
You’ll always be in my heart for the rest of my days.
Because of you I know I’m gonna be okay.
To the girl who has cuts on her arms from self inflicted wounds.
To the girl who hears the birds song as deep sorrowful tunes
To the girl who starves herself to be a little bit thinner
To the girl who started writing so her head could be clearer.
To the girl who decided to never lose hope
To the girl who said “***** you” to her demons when it handed her the rope.
To the girl who broke out of her chains so she could be free
To the girl that won her battles, to the girl that is me.
People want to think I’m alright I think they’re afraid
Afraid that I’m not alright they want me to take my sadness to the grave.
Why do people do that? Why do they see depression as a taboo?
It’s seen as a curse if it happens to you.
It makes people uncomfortable to say you have depression.
I want people to be kind to other people and ask those hard questions.
It’s hard enough having depression and feeling like you have no one to talk to.
Don’t make it worse and get angry it’s not their fault. What if it happened to you?
You wouldn’t like people yelling especially after you self harmed you’d feel bad enough.
So I implore you to be gentle with us. For us it’s been rough.
Sliding the blade across my skin hurts but I can’t take my emotions anymore.
I cry at the sight of torn up skin, the blood seeping down my arms, I fall to the floor.
The darkness won this time around I feel like I can't beat it.
Because every time the lightness grows the dark goes in and eats it.
I don’t know what to do. My despair I feel is growing.
I want there to be a candle in this dark room where the light is showing.
But my demons are winning. I feel I can’t go on.
Everything I try to do feels wrong.
I want my angels to help me out of this forest of hate.
I feel I’m dying, I need help before it’s too late
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