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caitlan May 17
April 23.
My birthday is tomorrow;
I took off work to celebrate.
My boyfriend and I are going to get lunch.

“Administrative Professionals’ Day” is today.
My coworkers get a cookie text
From my manager—
That’s an 8x8 square of cookie
Topped with saccharine frosting
And edible paper.

The printer jams.
Someone heats up fish for lunch.

Time drags on.

On my way home,
I pass by the cemetery.
A woman sits at the edge of the garden
Where her baby is buried.
She adjusts the Easter decorations she set out last week.
Pastel-colored eggs, a small rabbit.

Near her, his younger brother wanders about
Picking dandelions and
Hopping over graves and
Waving to passing cars.
The child touches his mom’s shoulder
And points out a bird.

They look at it together,
Then get in the car.

Time passes by.

Tonight, I think I’ll make pasta for dinner.
There’s half a jar of red sauce in the fridge
Perfect for one meal.
There won’t be any leftovers,
But that’s fine.

After, I sit at my computer.
My friends are around to play games tonight,
So I nurse a *** and Coke
And hunt ghosts
Until my eyelids grow heavy.

Time flies.

Finally beneath cool sheets,
I reflect on today—
April 23.
My birthday is tomorrow;
I took off work to celebrate.

My boyfriend and I are going to get lunch.
caitlan Jan 13
Drunk at IKEA.
Is "björkåsen" a table,
or me throwing up?
caitlan Dec 2023
i see him off.
i shut the door.
i climb back into bed.

toes in lasting body heat.
covers on my head.

bleary eyes on yellowed screen til
warmth's faded away.

i check the time
and heave a sigh.
it's time to start the day.
caitlan Dec 2023
one letter stands out.
my finger moves to match it.
A. A. A. A. A.
i notice, then i forget.
it stops on its own.

sometimes ideas flow,
and i map out smooth curves.
S. S. S. S. S.
unfortunately, it seems
i prefer corners.

these days my thoughts tend
to rest on cut, dry nail beds.
Z. Z. Z. Z. Z.
on vowels and consonants.
on warm, bare skin.
caitlan Sep 2023
i just met a ******* the floor
of a stall when i opened the door.
she cried, "he's a punk!"
then threw up, clearly drunk.
... i don't have to go anymore.
i'll just wait til i get home
caitlan Aug 2023
i saw a cockroach
at Olive Garden tonight.
... one more basket, please.
i'm going to keep posting haiku until they get good
caitlan Aug 2023
so many people
have written about the heart.
why not about feet?
no, c'mon guys, i'm serious, it's not-- no i'm being serious, this isn't--
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