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chris Nov 17
you are a safe place for me
your arms are a cavern for me to hide in
your hands are ivy wrapped around me
i sleep in your ribs
for a crush
chris Nov 12
i love what's inside of you and
waves hitting the shore makes me cry
chris Nov 12
i can't keep this stupid smile off my face
while you take me to some stupid place
i pretend to not love you while you chase
but i know you are love bliss and grace
chris Nov 11
i've always loved when the heater or air conditioning comes on
i don't care if it makes me hot or cold
the sound is loud i am not young or old
an all encompassing drone
chris Nov 11
i think my mounted head would look nice next to yours
and we live in a mansion with one million doors
and there's a whole world deep beneath the floors
and i engineered the forest so i could take you on a tour

i built some tall trees and ill teach you and youll learn
theres something in this world called a picadilly fern
its my chance to fall in love this is my turn
a poem i wrote thinking of a past lover
chris Nov 11
i hope you enjoy my twisted performance
it is all for you
i broke my legs for you
my spine aches for you
i am a machine for you
chris Nov 9
an uncomfortable glaze over my vision
i do not like being here with you
my captor

the horrible noise from the speaker
it is nothing i enjoy
the soundtrack

the day is slow
wrote this at work when my boss that no one likes is here
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