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chris Apr 9
i've lost myself in another one's soul
i'm a carrot trapped in another soup’s bowl
now i must plan my literary escape
the forward momentum of an enlightened ape
uncover the furniture and pull back the drape
i live for myself not under one’s cape

may our work be fruitful and that of our own
with only your own eyes will light be shown
wander the desert with seeds to be sewn
but meet other travellers or ring them by phone
but never be lost in another one’s tone
or tomb
written a while ago
chris Apr 9
sometimes my thoughts override
the song's chorus
i'll stop thinking so much and
the song
will return with verses of thoughtlessness
chris Feb 25
Language pulled sweetly toward the entrancing vortex of love
Love spread across the toast of the Earth
Billions of ants gather in circles while we watch from above
Whispering secrets in a spirit of mirth
chris Feb 15
we're immature nature
we all helped each other make ourselves
please be gentle with me because i'm nature
we have to preserve ourselves
chris Dec 2020
maybe if we have to romanticize love
it's something else
isn't love already romantic?
we try to patch our wounds
with bandages made of paper that we drew hearts on
chris Dec 2020
raindrops fall in winter
smoke greys out the sky
an old bear curls up
he's laying down to die
but he hibernates for winter
gathering all his strength
she'll brave this darkened time
and go on in life at length
chris Oct 2020
Sitting in my liar’s chasm
Breaking promises to myself
Think I’ll put my honesty aside
On top of my liar’s shelf

Think I’ll grab some friends to talk to
Maybe they’ll bring out truth
Could stay in my chamber
And pull out my broken tooth

Let a wave of gospel come
And crash upon my shore
I’ll cross every bridge when I come to it
And walk through every door.
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