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Zoe Sue Feb 2015
She's thoroughbred hunger
From her double shift mom to her deadbeat dad

She tiptoes through junkyard junglegyms
Collecting alleyway beach glass

She learned to swindle
Haggled survival with the big guy
Big sisters traded on corners

She was one
Karma mustve forgotten
While doing rounds

She's got an invincible soul
Stitched of disappointments
Wrapped in sorrow
Hope as a bow

He's thoroughbred gluttony
From mommas limelight jewels to daddy's sin-shined shoes

He learned to swindle
To thrive
Wall street walk on the 99%

Politician promises
To impermanent faces

Costly trips
To extravagant places

Mixing up "enough"
With "more"

Looking for happiness
In a store

Though it seems to me
Whats made of life
Is what makes life worth living for
Eriyalovesu Mar 2016
one lay hidden behind her choices
she has a mind
she has a soul
she knows of her mind
she knows what she thinks
she knows not of emotions
she fights for what she believes
not for what is safe
she want her desires
safe or not
as time fades her blance fades
her mind take's control
she forgets her place
she lacks apart of herself
she cannot see what she is doing
she sees the future as if it’s the past
her innocents stripped away
Her train of thought has crashed
she lives on for only her footprint to be washed away
Avery Nightshade Dec 2017
I don’t change,
I grow up
I don’t give up,
I’m beaten down,

There’s two sides to every story
There’s two sides to every face
People think i’m happy cause I smile,
You know I’m barely holding it up

They don’t know me
You don’t know me
You don’t know when I’ll lose it
They won’t know why I lost it

They’ll say she was such a happy girl
Maybe I grew up
You’ll say we read their poems, they were depressed.
Maybe I was beaten down.

I’ll stand strong,
I’ll stand tall,
They won’t beat me down anymore,
I’m not the little girl they knew
Carter Ginter Dec 2017
I'm like a curse
A walking parasite
Latching onto various people
Until it gets to be too much
And then I move on to the next

That's how they see me at least
They don't realize the humanity within me
They don't see the tears
The anger
The pain
When someone loses me
I lose them too
I don't just happily move on
I feel the searing sting
Tears burning scarred skin
Wishing I could be what they needed
But I never am

They say I don't know what love is
"If you love someone, you don't leave"
I hear you
But I disagree
You were hurting
And I was hurting
We both still feel that pain
But "us" is impossible
Regardless of feelings
Regardless of love
I'm learning to live for myself
So I can stop hurting those around me
Because you deserve better than that

You're right, I didn't try hard enough
But I was suffocating
And the distance didn't help at all
Yes you're unhappy now but
At least you have a chance to move on
I couldn't give you forever
I couldn't give you stability
I am unpredictable
"Curve *****" you called them
Fluid feelings aren't made for forever

Maybe I don't know what love is
Or maybe I express it differently
We were good once
And I'll hold on to those memories
But we're nothing but toxic now
And I don't know what to do with that
Oni Olusegun Oct 2018
Life took the life of a poet
Decades before death came--

Life took the life of a poet
A king at night
A Slave at dawn
Hours before birds
He wakes
Trading his time
To earn a dime

Life took the life of a poet
Asked about his poem and pet
Life got serious he laments

Life took the life of a poet
Though we barely see him live
We all attended his funeral
Many times before death came
L B Jul 2018
An early evening gust
broke the back of the day's blaze
Still 90 degrees at eight
in orange haze
Sweat runs down my neck
Through the gorge between my *******
The wind lifts my linen shirt
runs its hands along my sides
reviving memory
of Forest Park
of a blanket in the grass

Where the pines trace
so many faces
Crackling popping kids
stolen matches, running
screaming victorious!
Blowing tin cans up with fire crackers
Bicycles, sparklers, fireworks at dusk
That whole afternoon
I spent hammering caps

Noise really makes us kids

Mom wants us out!
Gone! All of us!
No needs. No excuses!
No cookies! No slices of bologna!
“No more Kool Aid!
Out now!

That evening I tried
to dismiss the itchy sweat
of stupid-sister-Suzy-matching-sun-suits
at Gino's family picnic
When some kid
(I don't know?)
between the rigatoni and the sweet corn
Some kid
tosses a sparkler
into box of fireworks
I don't know?
whether to cry or laugh
I was pretty scared
Rockets going off across the lawn
and onto porch
Craze of colors through the trees
Some at eye-level horror!
But the sight of Aunt Nedda
diving under picnic table
Stockings, garter belt upended
Capsized beyond her caring
of uplifted dress

Some images just stay with you, ya know?

July 4th always lands for me
on a firework's ***
"Caps"  are little red rolls of gunpowder dots, originally made to give a snap to toy guns of the 1950s.  We figured out that by layering them and using a hammer, you could get a bigger crack.
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