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Midnight Mar 2018
I was craving it
And so were you
Two lonely souls
On the corner of fifth and avenue
He was gone
And so was she
But we made due
With a substitute
Just one night
We got our fill
You pulled me close
I felt your moan
My hands, your thighs
Your fingers, my spine
Morning came
And so did you
I stumbled home
And no one ever knew
Jaimi M Feb 2018
Let me get drunk on your lips
and high in your hands;
hold me as I ride out this curious
Don’t let my lips get lonely
or my skin grow cold.
We both don’t need forever
only here and right now
shameless alcoholic for your lips
and stoner for your touch
Carlos Nov 2017
Handshake claw grip, crustaceans with an overstatement,

Never distressed with a sober sense spent on aimless wastage,

Never become too complacent,

Never butter devil's sodden words on scriptures burned through the ages,

Certain pages curtain stages grace to shattered shambles curdled shameless.

Shiny geodes the traditions on the backhand,

Sages matching matter sets a salamandrine babble balance act,

Skin tight ever-bond clasped reattachment,

Radical bags sag at the mystery of a mattress ,

Routine carry forth enabling of double standards,

Tailored youth to a callous canvassed pander *******,

Cat scratch moral compass to the badlands,

The pinnacle of rabid actions in the aftermath,

After that,

A rabbit or a lab rat,

Maze running side effects from the last batch,

No lessons learned just oblivious to brass tax,

Malleable malice in the marrow of the crab man,

Can't stand a phalanx divided by the last laugh,

******* sinner Peter chapters in the chapel of a hashtag,

Shadows in the chiaroscuro flit mongers little gas lamps,

Calypso rhythm stages a symphony of backstabs,

Coup d'etat passive damage scatters gravel slat in sandbags,

No matter shiny medal coiled vertebrae permeate the flashbacks,

Never with a sordid memory retraced to get a plaque stamped.
Samantha Sep 2017
Do you wanna make love?
Do you wanna make me?
Or do you wanna make both?
Do you want to love me emotionally?
Do you want to sing happy songs to my dark parts?
Do you want to kiss me long and lazy?
Do you want to take my burdens with every blanket you wrap me up in?
Do you want to play with me in front of the open window because we're shameless?
Do you want to tell me stories to soothe my soul?
Do you want to **** me while the rain comes down all around us?
Tell me, do you?
Arcassin B Dec 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

And You've tried and tried and tried..
To make everything work out just fine..
And your sacrifice..
Will bring a beauty so delightful,

Plus you're a ******* badass that don't take no ****,
From no one,
You had a love denyingly that any man couldn't handle,
It was too fun.
They couldn't stand a chance even if they tried..
I'm glad you see a great vision in your life..
In your life,
I bet you'll find a purpose to survive,
I know you have the family by your side,
hope this doesn't come with a price,
In your life,
I bet you'll find a purpose to survive,
I know you have the family by your side,
hope this doesn't come with a price,

And You've tried and tried and tried..
To make everything work out just fine..
And your sacrifice..
Will bring a beauty so delightful.
Austin Heath Nov 2016
She made me dinner,
****** me, made me laugh, and then
told me she loved me.

I once doubted this,
but where everyone turned black
my soul is yellow.

I live wide open,
and my consequences yield
to my momentum;

The speed of whispers,
I lead by debauchery
as an example.

Some worship the dead
and some sit next to the ghosts,
elbow to elbow.

The duality
of the swarm is that it's both
nameless and legend.

I wake up to you
and I am happy again.
I'm yellow again.
traces of being Oct 2016
Wandering silently
though the wilderness woods,
far and away from the potholes
of well beaten pathways
The soft breeze slowly moves
the shadows cast in the moonlit night,
past the thorny bramble vines of time.
Wildlife paths illuminated by starlight
adorn the alluring wooded trail
Secluded pathways foraged by natural instinct,
ancestral prudence and intuition's guide

Each shadow drawn willingly
into a deeper enlightening journey
As if synchronicity united hearts
learning to speak minds
The depths of undaunting transparency
rendezvous with awakening breath
Looking back .., softly questioning
life withdrawn in discontent;
exhaling an unashamed freedom without regret
Lost in perpetual motion, found in heart
Separate souls illuminated by the moon
stood alone yearning for the touch
of healing light

Ardor of hope shines an inward light
as moonlight restlessly slumbers,
passion blushes in radiant colour
The night has a thousand coquettish eyes
shining on practical mysticism
The laughing owls of midnight
Echo allusions of crystal clear reverie
Stirred by swirling tempest breeze
showering down from high endeavors
where treetops  pierce the constellations
Wisps of the twilight sky unfurl stardust dewdrops
drunk by earth’s thirsting sod
Nocturnal Cricket’s rhythmus acoustical wings
very quietly chirping a bashful courting song

Laughter rings out,
blissfully released,
like the joy of a shameless child
Nature sways with a gentle motion
Her leafy arms groan and moan the silent toil
as she holds up the weight of the celestial unfoldment
Moonlight moves across the dappled shadows
budding love born beneath her branches.

Two shadows embrace as one
emerging rapturously
from the tantalizing wilderness oasis
Reborn as naked as the free
mesmerized by the enchanting forest's spell...
stepping in a bit deeper for an adult swim
under the enchanting allure of a full,
blossoming, hunter moon...
.           Ready;     reassure.
    Relax;                     recline.
    Render;                       record.
    Remove;            reveal.
    Receive;      retrieve­.
    Refill;                     rejoice.
    Redo;                       redress.
    Regret;                       repent.
"REPEAT!!"                  she begged.
Arcassin B Mar 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

Pretty nails grabbing hold of
Your hand and all these atmospheres don't give us the
Time to make a simple request upon each others
Innocence with this in mind we both incist on a
First kiss between each other , is it a crime ?
To be in love at the waterfall,
It's fatal loving her but you go through it all,
Quiet conversations you don't mean to stall,
How could you ever love a black girl with a
Close call,
Don't understand,
Mixing vanilla and chocolate only makes something
So divine,
Something that could move through time and tell the
Others everything is fine.
Love has many forms.
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