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Denise Jul 2018
You’re pretty… he says
for a dark-skinned girl
I usually don’t talk to your kind.
am I supposed to feel honor?
you hopped of your pedestal, down to mine?
I will not curve my lips into the half of the crescent moon that you’re expecting
you do not deserve that.
exclusion encumbers me and I am small in your eyes.
Surely you can see that I am a dark girl,  sweet berries ; color of night
the same colors that allowed my ancestors to take flight.
freeing them from *******,
wounds that had them tied, without my hue, we would’ve died.
I am a stone immortal, no work of erosion can seep through my cracks.
the trials of my ancestors drawn on their backs.
so our heads, we never hang down , we are to be found.
scars to be hidden
it is the gas in a run-away car,
that last sip an alcoholic has as their arm and wrist lay dangling at the bar
this is the prestige of my hue
if I’m just pretty? then what could beauty possibly mean to you. a rare blend of  history, struggle and strength.
My head will not hang, not once more
by noose or in self distress, I am history.
No more do I long to sit at a table with you,
in the wake of waiting for your admiration
I have created my own table, in appreciation of your hesitation.
To you my worth will always be in comparison to what’s missing
that being pretty for a dark-skin girl, is a blessing.
Worth far more than bedazzled insults
, convinced I was worth less
they could see it in my eyes, the way I dressed.
The hue that I am is far greater than they told me
accepting  back handed accolades,  that’s the old me.
This house that holds my soul is only almost pretty… they say
if I weren’t so dark I might be worth loving, caring wanting or staying.
My color, a rustic espresso, no cream.
you say I am pretty for a dark- skinned girl …
no I’m pretty and that’s it!
signed a FED UP dark skinned chick
Denise Nov 2017
You're pretty for a dark-skinned chick
You'd be prettier if you were a light-skinned *****
Weezy F baby, said it himself
"beautiful black woman, but i bet she look better red"
He will never know the thoughts that went through the black woman's head
I don't want to be dark-skinned
I don't want to be light-skinned
I don't want to be brown skinned
I wanna be the RIGHT skin,
that white skin,
that PRIVILEGED skin
Now i don't mean that to be racist
it's not that i'm screaming BLACK POWER.
I just want to place,
even if it means being last in the entire human race.
did i mention i'm NOT screaming BLACK POWER?
I just don't want to see my brothers and sisters life span's equivalent to that of an hour.
an hour glass, sitting on the table
waiting for it's time to budge
Like an innocent young girl in a classroom last month
waiting to be drug
You say you'd rather be anything than a dark skinned chick,
Well ,here is a autobiography of an angry,
melanin filled,
This is for all the people who think light skin is the RIGHT skin. No racism I love all people, just a poke at some black power themed poetry, My roots <3

— The End —