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Sami Rose Oct 2015
Miles upon miles
slither along old,
forgotten bends and
dance with evening

You exist across
the vast exploits
of their secret

I exist among
the roots of
their *****, deplorable

One day, we
will encounter each
other's beings and

And what a day that will be.
Sami Rose Sep 2015
The moon danced with the stars all her nights until she met the sun. In transfixed passion, they began to dance together until one day, the moon tripped and fell and the sun didn't catch her in time. Now, they barely speak due to distance, but she always catches glimpses of him.
"I still love him," she tells the stars.
"I wonder if he still loves me, too."
Sami Rose Sep 2015
I kissed you as the stars fell because I knew it better depicted our love than anything else could. We shined so brightly so quickly, but like all beautiful things, we turned into shambles. I swear though, I never felt more love than our one o'clock screaming phone calls and alcoholic lullabies.
Sami Rose Sep 2015
The limping man
entered a world of difference and prejudice
carried by civilization.
Sorrows beyond our
understanding celebrated the right to be alone
in wasted conformity.
He is ashamed
inwardly of transcending fear making persistence
step into impulse.
His cure hooked
the tyranny  of repeatedly abused witnesses with
harassing all freedoms.
Injustice regained its
function by stretching a new idea of
the conscious enemy.
Sami Rose Sep 2015
Though I am merely a young girl with a wounded soul and a tattered heart, I promise that I have truly fallen in love with you--a work of art.  All my life, I was afraid to make the jump with a fearless, open arm attitude.  I was afraid I'd crash and burn; I was afraid to mess up your perfectly placed pieces.  In all my solo act performances, never once did I think I would ever have a partner to sweep me off my feet and take me to new heights, but now, I am soaring over boundaries that were never before attainable.  You've embraced me to join your assortment of colors to see which hues and shades we could create.  You've written me into your melodic masterpieces to show that we are one in a world of malfunction.  Hand in hand, we were molded for one another in the way our bodies shape together in statuesque perfection.  Perhaps it may just be my imagination, but you--you, my love--are the stars inside of me exploding into a light show of auras and I can only hope I am the same for you.
Sami Rose Sep 2015
A new age beauty of
liquor filled livers and cigarette killers
quickly spread across the lands
in supernova outbursts of
dulled out color.
A new age attraction of
bones and bruises followed
in a broken down
dysfunction of order.
A new, "Hello, beautiful,"
quickly served out to those
unstable in a fine delicacy.
Sami Rose Sep 2015
Steel bars confined
my prowling mind,
circling the borders
in a dysfunctional order.

Rapidly beating against
my distorted slurs
of denunciations, I
kissed the keys
despite their razor
blade tongue affection.

Sudden silence brought
sudden reverberations of
you you you
and again, I
would take another
pounce to add
to my flowering
garden of purple,
green, and blue.

An illegal sort of
extravagance turned into
violently injecting me
with a poison
that I thought
would keep you
here with me,
but it was not
enough, never enough.

— The End —