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wilfred nyandiko Jun 2023
Tonight, I shall embark on a voyage of self-love,
Like a fragile butterfly emerging from its cocoon,
I shall embrace the scars, those delicate whispers,
They adorn my existence like ethereal moonlight.

In the tapestry of my being, flaws find solace,
They are the brushstrokes upon a masterpiece,
For in their imperfection lies a captivating truth,
A symphony of uniqueness, an enchanting reprise.

With tender hands, I mend my fractured fragments,
As a skilled artisan repairs a shattered porcelain,
I gather the scattered pieces with utmost care,
Crafting a kaleidoscope of resilience and grace.

Tonight, the stars align in harmonious reverence,
Witnessing the birth of an unwavering spirit,
I shall cast away doubts, like a tempest subsides,
And let my vibrant soul dance, unburdened and free.

For this night is mine, a celebration of existence,
A declaration of love, unyielding and true,
So let the universe bear witness to my rebirth,
As I embrace the symphony of life, with every breath anew.

Tonight, I will live, in the fullness of my being,
A flame ignited, burning bright and fierce,
Let me live, in the tapestry of my dreams,
Where love's melody reverberates, and magic appears.
wilfred nyandiko May 2020
You see me smile
But you don’t know what lies behind this mask that I wear
You can’t see the scars that are hidden with my fancy worn clothes
You can’t understand how many times I have cried under my pillow
So that I may fake a smile in the morning

You waked into my life
Just as everyone else does
You made me feel at home
And together we were a family
I thought that it would last forever
But I came to know that forever is a term that only exist in my mind
You later walked out of my life
And just like everyone else
You left without a goodbye

I am broke inside
Even though you guys think am strong
Behind this mask
Is a desperate, torn person
Who has cried a million tears
All through this years
Trying to find a better version of myself
Am on a quest to know who I am but I can't get the answers
wilfred nyandiko May 2020
I’m in a battle field
I am loosing
I have no backup to help me flee
I’ve got one shot to make
But I think am late

This life is my battle field
I have struggled in this field
But I am not strong enough to beat it
I have loved
But in return they have spat on me and laughed
I have fed the hungry
But when they were full and strong they fed on me

I have got one shot to make
But thousands of enemies to beat
Should I take this shot down my throat?
Or wait for the enemies to bring me down

I will keep the good memories
And remember not the bad ones
I have learnt that the love I had
Is just a moment in time that I can only treasure.
sometimes i think like giving up is the only option left, i just feel like my name should be erasedd out of this world and be remembered not
wilfred nyandiko Apr 2020
she was only 12
when it happened
she was bitter, cried,  rolled herself against the ground
seeking for comfort and refuge
but the only refuge she found was in her pen

i never thought that a time will come when we will bid each other goodbye
it was too soon
even before the rising of the sun
or the descending of the new moon

thanks for giving your life for me
even though i thought you were mean
you gave me a reason to smile
and i will take it to a different mile

i will forever keep a song in my heart
bring down the blazing flames of hate
and love till the ending of my fate"
this is a letter of a motherless child
to her dead mum.
sometimes i always feel that the only thing that seems to listen to what am saying is my pen and paper
wilfred nyandiko Apr 2020
How does a memory last forever?
How can a story never die
Maybe some memories ain’t perfect
Maybe some stories ain't so sweet
We have to embrace the bad times in our lives
Or our lives ain’t complete
feel free to comment
wilfred nyandiko Apr 2020
I cry
I laugh
Sometimes am forced to act like am okay
Even when things aren’t working my way

You refer to me as perfect
That you give me no space to cry
To me there is no chance of trying
I have to work like my life depends on it

Whenever I try to express my feelings
You say that am abnormal
You have forgotten that am human
And crying is just normal

You say that I have changed
Yeah that true
This is all because of this pain that you have inflicted in me
May be if you would have listened I would have been normal

Right now am indebted to the pain that you inflicted in me
Coz pain is like a loan
And no matter what I do I can never repay it
You’ve forgotten that am human
And crying is just normal
wilfred nyandiko Apr 2020
I plan for the days ahead
I plan for the future
I plan for the moments unseen and days to come
What if tomorrow never comes
What if all that I ever dreamed of was an illusion
That I will never come to see it pass

Sometimes I lay in bed
Trying to recall all the moments that have passed
Trying to visualize my dreams
Trying to make them feel so real
What if when I lay in this bed I will never wake up again
Will they ever come to know how much I loved them?
Will they ever come to see the world the same way that I saw it?
Will they ever know the dreams that I had for them?
What if tomorrow never comes

They say plan your tomorrow today
For a better future
But I will do my tomorrow today
For I don’t know if tomorrow will ever come
I will show my love today and I will not hesitate
I will help and be kind today
For I don’t know when the sun is going to rise again
If tomorrow never comes,
Just know that I loved you…
do what is in your reach today and do it to your perfection cause you never know when the sun is going to rise. #if tomorrow never comes
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