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Stuti Tripathi Mar 2016
I climbed the dark heaven to meet myself alone..
To smell all the roses and espy the stone..
Nevertheless, the cloud was frozen and the breeze was calm..
I saw her descending and coinciding with my palm..
Her plain white vesture was contrasting my red..
She was diffusing the divinity that I could not even bled..
Our faces were same but our aces were inverse..
She owned one whole entity while I was a disperse..

The moment was priceless and so were my emotions..
It was indeed the most breathtaking phase to my notions..
My other twin was bounded with a definite time span..
She was entirely a woman with the heart of a man..
"You don't live inside me, I have never sensed you inside,
Painted with shyness, you rather live like a bride
I peeled up my heart and had the eagerness to know..
If the sun lives in me, then why do I fall like the snow..

She smiled and glared down on me with the rays of her starkness
and told me how sturdily I have been lidded under the darkness..
Holding the flowers, she stands in the island of my soul..
She ponders my echo and waits for  the control..
She imparts her colors when my pallet runs out..
but puts on her cloak when my demon comes out..
Surprisingly, I asked  "You are my part. Why don't you fight out..!?"
She had an answer. She works eternally from the hideout..

In the midst of the stirring stillness, she reminded that I had to leave..
Ironically, I could not crave for what I had been dying to receive..
The same ladder showed up and slanted me back to my nook..
and the wind narrating slowly what I had given while what I had took..
I returned to my place which was as murkier as ever..
I sensed the time-It was cursive and clever..
Perhaps I will reap more strength to deflect the chirping into the roar...
to mend every single lapse and bring her back someday on my door
Deep inside the layers of our spiritual essence, there lives a replica of our identity which is free from the dirt of every human introspection and actions. Somewhere, we have an idea about its existence. But, we escape to absorb the illumination of its core element.
This poem depicts the emotional and spiritual articulation that I underwent when I got to meet the other part of my own life- My spiritual twin- the angelic one.
k y Jan 2016
Quiet little girl
The monsters aren't gone.
They're watching through the windows,
They're looking through the stars.
And all your little toys they dance
Like ribbons in the sky.
So dark, piercing like holes in your
Skinny little bones, oozing pores,
You're 3, 2, 1 you don't know how to breathe
These shards of glass they've been slowly
Piling up, and you can't pick them up,
Not with your gritty eyes or acid rinsed bones.
Because you're still scared of the monsters
That you keep seeing under your bed.
But little girl did you forget,
That there are mirrors under there.

We're all afraid of these metaphorical monsters underneath our beds, and in our heads; but what we fail to realize is that sometimes, those monsters are just us.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2015
There are too many hairs
I keep blowing off my keyboard
To pretend they aren’t there
And that they can be ignored.
I can't pretend I have gone blind,
I am admitting they are all there
And that they come from me;
They truly are my own hair.

It must be true, I hazard
Because I can see my scalp.
It’s a situation from aging
For which there is no help.
I have long expected it.
It will do no good to whine.
The disappearing tonsure
I needs must claim as mine.

And so I placate myself
With selfish comparisons
I may look older than others
But much better than some.
Not many decades ago
I once thought sixty was old.
I am thankful for my friends
Who decided not to scold.

They knew I was being
Just the least bit callow.
But they avoided labeling me
With words like vain and shallow.
So, perhaps the vain part
I have with me even now,
And I would abandon that
If I could figure out how.
Tushar Sawant Apr 2015
It's funny how people see us,
for all that we never were.
All our blunders seem to define us,
as if that's all we ever were.

They see lost potential,
Grieving, that I've lost my only way.
All the things that I could've been,
if only I hadn't been led astray.

They say I lost my way,
I got pulled away by the tide.
Yet I reply smiling gratefully,
my head held up by all my pride:

I lost my way ,
Oh yes, I did,
I lost my way and found it back,
time and time again.
But once, I lost it forever,
I finally found myself.
Inspired by Estas Tonne
You can jump into a shadow in the middle of the day
Tell yourself that it’s the nighttime while you hate your life away
You can do someone a favor just for something in return
If you think you know it all, friend, then you can never learn
You can call yourself a victim if you want to live a lie
Lock yourself up in a mirror and then kiss your friends goodbye
You can call yourself abnormal if you want to be insane
You can carry an umbrella just waiting for the rain

Looking for life, you turn the dial
Life doesn't start until you smile

You can look at your reflection, and believe it’s really you
See a lie that’s full of beauty, and then tell yourself it’s true
You can wave around a drumstick and think it’s a magic wand
There are countless friendly voices, but you never respond
You can say she wants attention when she really needs a friend
You think that it's many miles when it's just around the bend
You can wait here for the future to be sent here in the mail
Live a life so free and easy and act like it's a jail

You've got no reason to be hateful
Look at your life, you should be grateful

You can call an angel evil and pretend that love is hate
You can see somebody suffer and pretend that you relate
You can call somebody plastic and then wonder why they leave
Sure maybe your dreams are all dead, but there’s no need to grieve
You live in a world of colors, but you just see black and white
If you take a look around you, you'll see you were never right
You can get nothing but loving and then hate in all your songs
But your one friend and your hero can show you that you're wrong

Nobody here is hateful of you
Open your eyes, 'cause we all love you
This is one of MANY songs of mine that deal with talking about my past self. In this one, I'm talking directly to him. And if you're wondering, yes, I do refer to myself with male pronouns when I'm talking about things I did at this point in my life. It helps me to deal with my regrets when I think of us as different people. Is that healthy? Probably not, but eh.
Amitav Radiance Dec 2014
For many centuries we have wandered
Waiting for the answers we seek
We may have faltered
In not asking the right questions
Treading over the bridges of human bonding
We have come this far
Where shall this path lead us?
Or, we may be heading towards a cul-de-sac
Heading towards a collision with our reality
Not meaningful enough
Waylaid till now, with many distractions
Of all we know
We may have been seeking the wrong
Do we have the faintest idea
What we have lived for, till now?
PrttyBrd Mar 2014
I am in love
For the first time
In the briefest of moments
On the shortest of days

I am in love
With a person of great value
Whose opinion has a voice
Who found peace within

I am in love
With a heart that is ever overflowing
Eyes that see beauty in all things witnessed
Lips that speak naught but truth

I am in love
Completely and utterly
With the utmost honesty
With the promise to remember this feeling always

For I am in love
In the briefest of moments
On the shortest of days
With the person I have finally become

I am in love
Amitav Radiance Sep 2014
Don’t hide in the dark cave
Unable to move freely
The soul feels confined
Believe in love
To usher light of self-realization
The Unknown Aug 2014
Your house may be filled with clutter
and it may not subside
but the entire world is cleaner
if you are clean inside
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