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Sarah Lane Jan 30
The world rushes by through my window
I try to capture each glimpse in my mind
How can I save the small wonders I know
If the scenes come just as quick as they go

I watch it all pass in the distance
Wanting to spare these memories for you
But futility holds with resistance
And those things slip away in an instant

What is it worth if I can't have you here?
Beauty is dull and amazements are cheap
Nothing can matter when my heart isn't near
I'd trade all these sights for you to appear
I wrote this for my husband on a bus ride through Italy while touring without him for a series of ballet gala performances.
Win Khine Nov 2019
morning bus ride,
decouple from the crowd,
collect within self,
reflect reject regret or rejoice,
no much time has left,
just to live for by to the end....

(c) Ko Win Khine aka. D Hlaine (November 22nd, 2019)
Alan S Bailey Jul 2019
I never knew how you cared-and never felt so
Loved, until I found I was out of control and
Fell from up above. You don't deny me you,
I don't deny you me-and so elated was my
Heart when you sat ahead of my seat. I felt
That day the bus ride would never really
End, and something in me never knew
What lied around the bend.
Our sunshine fell from the sky like sparkling
Drops of dew, and when I see the golden
Flowers I always think of you. I feel
This love I have for you is very strong!
As you called for a stop 'cause you got
Sick-we were at the mission just past dawn.
Why when you got sick I fell in love I really
Cannot say, but then again that bus ride still
Continues to this day...
K Jan 2017
A bus ride is
An emotional journey
Of structure and thought
Alone in my head
I sit and ponder
Where am i going in life
Why do people like me
Am i worth as much as i get
The land goes by
My mind flies with it
The sky so blue
Full of possiblilities
cosima Oct 2015
I guess you'll never know that I
stole glances at you
while you were sleeping next to me

How I thought you looked nice
when you were viewed from the side,
only half of your face seen
and wondered what you looked like
if you were facing me

you'll never know that I thought
you had a nice forehead
that went well with your man bun

and how that small silver earring you have
on your right ear sealed it off

I wanted to talk to you but I don't know whether
I should say sorry
for falling asleep on your shoulders

or thank you
for sharing with me your warmth
in that cold bus

a poem I made based on a scenario in a bus ride going home.

— The End —