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Achick Sep 10
After opening the jar, all the undoing's of mankind. I witness anxiety bring fear to mankind. As anxiety flew away I heard the bellowing cries in the distance. The bellowing sobbing and horrifying gasp from mankind they tried to pick themselves up off the ground. In my *****, I felt pain. A sharp intense pain. Like Zeus himself reached into my ***** and squeezed my beating heart. My heart filled with so much sorrow. The sorrow flowed to my eyes, warm tears trickled down my cheeks.

Evil clawed its way to the top of the jar. Evil, such a terrifying and ugly creature. It leaped from my jar and into the sky like Pegasus when he sprang from Medusa’s empty neck. Evil was swift and full of purpose as it flew into the sky. Evil looked back at me. My jaws clenched and teeth grind together. My eyes watered from dryness. I hadn’t noticed I wasn't blinking. The burn in my eyes was nothing compared to the unimaginable evil that was unleashed onto mankind. I wanted to close the jar. I couldn't disobey Zeus. If I did, it would bring me a fate far worse than Prometheus. What can be worse? What could possibly be worse than a giant eagle eating me alive for eternity?

I tried to look away. I didn't want to see the last plague on mankind. A smell filled the air and twisted my stomach. A stench of rotting flesh and death. Disease oozed out of the jar next. I dropped the jar while desperately trying to close it. Falling to my knees, breath stolen from my lungs. Gagging and gasping for air. Dark black mist filling every crack and crevice. The dark dank mist slowly crept further away spreading and consuming the light in all living things. As the plants and trees withered away, a part of me also died. I wanted so much to embrace the arms of hades, I wanted to give my light in exchange for theirs. What have I done? This is why you created me Zeus, out of spite!

Just then, I heard the jar move, I watched the jar jump and fell over. Over and over again. Something is desperately trying to escape. I remembered Zeus told me to close the jar right after disease escaped. Pushing myself from the ground I reached out for my jar. I held it close as I pried open the jar. I tried with all of my might. Clawing and prying the lid wouldn’t budge. Ignoring the demands of Zeus. No punishment, nor torture can be worse then the feelings I just felt. I’ve unleashed doom to all of mankind. I will be for eternity the one who brought doom to mankind. I lifted the jar above my head, tears streaming down my face, a fierce rage burning inside me. I yelled at the sky. Do as you will! Do as you must! Rip me apart as you were the one who put me together. I am no puppet! You will not control my fate any longer! I threw the jar to the ground, shattering into pieces.

A tiny speck of light flutters before me. It’s shining light embraces my face and I cup it in my hands. Watching it flutter, the sky grew black. The clouds rumbled, the earth shuddered. A loud crack deafens my ears, the bright light in my hands shot into my chest and then up to the sky. Zeus appeared from the clouds. Pulling my body towards him in the sky. “Why did you disobey me? Have you learned nothing from Prometheus?” The anger in his voice shook my core. I watched my feet slowly turning into ashes. A white fire slowly engulfed my limbs. Zeus screamed “do you know what you had done!” I replied “Zeus I will suffer for mankind. I will not be their undoing any longer” Zeus replied in a smug mocking tone “as you wish ephemeral”.

Zeus watched as my body turned into ashes. Before the flames embraced my face. I realized that light was hope. I released hope from her captive state. Hope is free for all of mankind to have and to hold. I fixed my last gaze upon Zeus and with my dying breath. I whispered “I know what I did. I know what it is and what it can do. I hope all of mankind will too.”
I wrote this for my Greek Mythology class. This is my take on how hope was released to mankind.
Achick May 17
Your face never leaves me
I see about a thousand girls a week
All different faces
But yours doesn’t leave me
I saw you in the waiting room
That purple spotted shiner on your face
Instantly I knew you
Or I thought I did
I recognized your movements
How you positioned your gorgeous long black curly hair to one side to hide it
I thought I’ve been in your shoes
I desperately wanted a moment to talk to you
I wanted to ask if you were okay
I wanted to help you
I went on with my day
I saw you in recovery
You looked anxious
You wanted so desperately to leave
Then you saw me open the door to go out for a smoke and just like a bird in cage
You spread your wings and flew out the door before me
You ran to a truck
And they drove away
You forgot your jacket and when I grabbed it to bring it to you the truck was gone
Just as I turned around you came back
Rolled down the window
There were a bunch of guys in the truck
You were laughing and the smell of drugs came out
I realized you didn’t want my help
You think you don’t need it
I had to let you go
I have to let go of care I wanted to give to you
I hope I don’t have to see you on the corner
Achick May 17
I’m trying find the words to say
I’m trying to figure out the words to write
I need to say something
I feel it in my chest
It’s a pressure that’s weighing me down
It’s a rag in my mouth
Silencing me
Something is bothering me
Something is making me uneasy
Something is affecting me
Something is changing me
Is it for the better?
I don’t know yet
Growth happens when your uncomfortable
Is that why I’m so anxious?
Is that why my mind is racing
Is that why I’m shaking
Something triggered me
I’m thinking back through my routine
I went to work
I was listening to loud music
Now I remember
The protesters triggered me
Looking at each one of their faces as they called me a murderer
Lined up one by one
Condemning me to hell
Screaming blood is on my hands
I work at a women’s clinic
I’m helping women
I’m helping
Achick Apr 4
My name means defender of mankind
My sign represents justice
Artemis is my champion
Protector of women
Who am I?
I am the defender of mankind
I protect those who cannot help themselves
I was a top candidate at a federal prison to  become a Correctional Officer
I turned it down because I was afraid.
Not of the job or the weight it carries
I wasn’t afraid of the danger of the walls or what lives inside them
On the contrary
That excited me
But that feeling
Gives me a chill to bone
I was afraid of the walls changing me
Bringing the worse out in me
I was going to be a part of a brotherhood
The thin grey line
I wasn’t afraid of the OC spray
I took that blow to the face just fine
I puked and choked along side of my brothers
But I noticed a change in me
A slight change
A part of me I’ve held on to for so long
A part of me the world hasn’t been able to take away
I noticed it starting to fade
I noticed it when I looked at the inmates
Us versus them
I was going to win at all cost
I didn’t want to fail my brothers
But that mentality I started to grow
It wasn’t me
I had to make a choice
I’m a defender of mankind
All of mankind
I found another way
To stay true to myself
I no longer represent the thin grey line
The law I embrace
I found another way to fight the wolves
I choose to protect the flock a different way
Not with fist, batons, and the OC spray
My words are my weapons of choice
I still fight the wolves
I’m no longer the sheepdog
I am
I will be
The shepherd
Achick Apr 4
It’s funny I just realized something
I pour out all my heart for everyone on to see
None of you know the slightest bit about me
You know my deepest fears
My scars
My desires
However, you don’t know what makes me
Achick Apr 3
We spent two long years apart
I’ve dreamed every night of you coming back
I’ve cried myself to sleep listening to paramore’s “ all I wanted was you” for two years
The night we broke up
I left you a voicemail calling you a coward
I said I hated you
Even though I didn’t mean it
You blocked my number
You shattered my heart
I drove to your house
I screamed at you and you turned your back
I pushed you too hard
You pushed back
I threw your call sign at you and your ship tag
Told you I never wanted to think about you ever again
I just wanted you to admit it
I wanted you to tell me how you felt
Then we didn’t speak for one year
When you unblocked my number
I noticed you called me
I texted you
You didn’t reply
That broke my heart once again
Another year passed
You finally texted me back
It was Christmas
A very intoxicated me answered
“You came back! I never stopped loving you”
You liked what I texted you
Then you noticed my intoxicative state
You called me and we talked for hours
It was like we never said goodbye to each other
You told me for two years every time you heard  “under your scars” you thought of me
You missed me like I missed you every single day
In just three months my dreams came true
Now I get to wake up next to you
I can listen to love songs once more
I can retire paramore’s song
I’m inspired once more
You’re my muse
You’re my everything
I love you
Achick Apr 3
I had an ex-boyfriend ask me once
Why I don’t write poetry about him.
He wanted to read something about himself
Through my words

I told him as I was leaving him
Nothing inspired me.
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