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Mia Donaj Jul 24
heart attack
brain on fire
pressure getting higher
boa constrictor
around my life
rescue me
take me out of my plight
Mia Donaj Jul 24
i was filled
not with happiness
but with a deep contempt
my heart beats with reason today
this sounds more like a diary entry than a poem...
Mia Donaj Jul 4
fourth of july
never pay attention
to the outcry
turn a blind eye
to melancholy and suffering
why we can't understand
our empathy is slumbering
passive days are numbering
say their names
say their names
america will never be the same
red white and blue
up in flames
juneteenth will be the only independence day I will be celebrating. i'm not black but i hear you. i see you. i stand with you. i will fight for you.
Mia Donaj Jul 4
you're my cherry cola
put me in a coma
too **** hot
inspired by the song by jon kuwada.
Mia Donaj Jul 3
les fleurs
dans mon cœur
vibrants et chers
mort en l’hiver
je déteste l’hiver.
Mia Donaj Jul 3
hot summer nights
heat-induced plights
warm sticky air
living without a care
curled up
sanctuary palace
summertime malice
jovial depression
bittersweet obsession
Mia Donaj Jul 3
je veux senti
je veux être
je veux adore
je veux être aimé

je suis
un petit poème
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