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Keith W Fletcher May 2020
a trace of me (will be)
moving on
powerless  ( against)
the rising tide
pouring over me (as I am)
washed out ( where )
nothing is nothing ( and )
totally incomplete (is)
the inevitable outcome
that led me .....
right from the start
in futile search (I am )
gone without notice
facing a future ( of )
expanded consciousness
even in the garden of inspiration
dark days
color my  world
Chemicals (keep)
burning bridges
been here before
beyond the boundaries
beyond a dream
standing at the edge of tomorrow
( wondering )
Do I even exist ? (is)
my collection of rejections
my alpha and my omega (has)
the restless rider (been)
rising above
spinning a timeless tale (along)
the fine line
echoes of my silent world (across) 
the valley of infinity (so)
whats the difference
where do I fit in ?
I am but flesh and bone
hoping I never find me
every way I can
drawn in - dragged out (now)
Dialing back in  (to what is)
A Different world today
Aa couple dozen poems from my list to become ( maybe) a self published collection
Glenn Currier Dec 2018
“It is our function as artists to make the spectator see the world our way not his.”   - Mark Rothko

From where does this doubt in my poetself come?
A neglectful or ignorant adult
or my alienated teenage years?
A therapist could better declare
all the stuff from my past that impaired
my image, security or sense of self
find the dark corners in my mental health.
So I’ll leave it to all the shrinks
to discover why I think what I think.

Why so reluctant to publish a book
or collection of my work
make a website known far and wide?
I still don’t know what that’s about
but I hate the damnable doubt
in my poetic abilities and skill
and loathe my comparisons to the greats
getting even close seems so uphill.

But that Rothko quote makes sense.
It frees me
and lets ME be.

I’m not forcing anyone to do anything my way
but when others read a poem of mine
they are invited into my mind
to take a piece of my heart
and see my world that moment of that day.
There is no force involved
it was their choice to read
and I’m grateful they took the time
to linger with my verse or rhyme.

I love that old Sinatra song My Way
it might have had a self-centered air,
but it was a courageous thing to declare.

I also give thanks for those brave enough
to post their poems in public
to reveal to strangers and self-disclose.
It IS like taking off your clothes
to let us see what’s underneath
and I thank the gods that be
for a momentary journey into those worlds
to try on the artist’s priceless pearls.
Andrew Hartnett Dec 2018
I published a children’s book
So that I could say I was a writer
Before then it was just
Scratches in my notebook
Notes in my phone
Conversations in my head

That first month
After the publishing
And the handling
The marketing

I had 18 cents
That said I can do this
And so I probably will
“Night of the Pirates” was my first publication. A silly children’s book self published on amazon. It will never be a best seller, but it’s proof that I can finish something and that I can write; regardless of that voice in my head
Emotions made tender, but fair, fearing not the outside,
to what is felt inside, to play in eternity, to think in infinity,
be only that a paradox is, nothing else, nothing more, nothing
less, attempt to avoid despair and crying mood. As for you,
Bill, if the world is a stage, than the death penalty only applies
to the casting director. There is greatness outside poems,
romance too, sunburnt smiles and laughing memories.
Though for now, I shall write only about my death, fear, insecurity,
fault and flaws in written poetry. Not for comfort in. Just glittering
drops of silver stars, as for others to benefit from. It is worrying
only to be a paradox, living within immortality.
Mary-Eliz May 2018
I'll try to write this in a poem
don't know if I can, we'll see

there's a book being formed
includes some folks from HP

has pictures, stories and poems
"Forever In Our Hearts" it's called

if you've wanted to be published
here's a chance, your family will be

it's for a good cause as well you see
half of proceeds will go to rescues

of those wonderful pets who become family
who just might have inspired your muse
I'm nearly finished but realized I hadn't invited here. I've noticed some poems and requested their use, but there are probably still some gems out there. I'm close to finish and don't want to make it too expensive (it's based on number of pages) but if you message me in the next week or so your pet's tribute could be included. As noted there is an emphasis on rescues and half of the proceeds will go to rescue efforts.
Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
Stacks of letters
saying "no"

rejection can be
such a blow

most every writer
has some

even Dr. Seuss
though he had a chum

that's how the book
expressed it

when they said
who would have
guessed it

he'd pleaded
to so many

said maybe
ten or twenty

supposed to make
for less regrets

bid you continue
in your


then they drop the boom
bring you back your gloom

they go on to say
in these very terms

he bumped into a "chum"
who worked
for a publishing firm
I have a book on how to get children's books published. I thought this passage was so ironic. They were trying to say "even Dr. Seuss" had been rejected X number of times (wasn't all that many). When they went on to tell about his "chum" it seemed they were saying "even Dr. Seuss had to KNOW somebody." LOL
Charlotte Dec 2017
There are things,
we write about
we don’t have the strength
to speak them.

sitting in secret journals
or folders on phones,
harsh enough to bring
tears to every mans eye.

Times of attempts,
death, troubled loves,
childhoods too traumatic to share —
we see no resolutions.

I wonder,
if that’s why
occasionally a poets
most emotional works
are not found until
their death.
I feel like this poem is a good explanation of why I write and why I want to share my writing with more people
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