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Crystal Peterson Oct 2018
Love is Poison to Logic
The Heart a Murderer of the Mind
Inspired by InkTober 2018 #1: Poisonous
(Companion Illustration on DeviantArt)
Italicization is malfunctioning right now.
September Roses Jul 2018
Oh sickly poisonous flame
Darting back and forth
I hear you call my name
It's not what they think, for what it's worth

One slip of the finger
And a tingling sensation
Smells of gas linger
Now for use of personification:

Its seems that you love me
For you never let me go
I feel pitiful in your embrace
And it seems that you know

You always take control
And oh how I'm fascinated by your flame
Skin swells and pain holds
In this endless torture game
Empire  Mar 5
Empire Mar 5
I fell in love
With the feeling
Of sadness
Of pain

I knew all its words were lies
But they sounded so true
But they felt so honest
I listened

Knowing full well
That this love was poison
I drank myself drunk
Into a dumb stupor

Because what is
But the act of filling oneself
Full of poison?

But I liked its flavor
I liked its rush
Again I filled a cup with sadness
And I drank deep
I’ve discovered this twisted relationship between myself and the feeling of sadness. It has this intoxicating euphoria that feins honesty, but it comes from somewhere dark.
Jenna  Feb 25
Poisonous Lies
Jenna Feb 25
When can I stop denying
This self righteous path,
of truthful lying
For I can not live,
without dying
These words,
are quite terrifying
So I'll say this once,
without crying
What may come out,
may sound like endless prying
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