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hi Jul 1
She once let the world see her as a glass, fragile, delicate, transparent. She used to pray like God was listening. She used to make her parents proud. Until she was caught between two things: Who she needs to be and who she wants to be.

She was daisies, calm and safe
But she wanted to be a rose, confident and wild.
Into the forest she goes... to lose her mind and find her soul.

"You've change for the worst", they say.

Why should she apologize for being the monster that she is, when nobody apologized for turning her into one?..

She was not born to be soft and scared,
She was born to make the world change
To have it shatter and shake in her fingertips.

It's for you to decide whether she's heaven wrapped in hell
Or hell wrapped in heaven.

You may not believe in magic, but wait till you see her.
Her heart was never this brave, she dances with her Devils, they call her "Queen".

She had been in so many heartbreaks that her own heart learned how to saw. Forgotten flowers in lonely gardens, grow wicked blooms. She is fragile in nature, But that's what made her powerful, she made a fragile thing unbreakable. She wears her strength and darkness equally well. She's half Goddess, and half hell.

//K.P, 07022019
Alicia Nov 2018
i’m no good, femme fatale
i bring hand grenades to dinner dates
beauty icon — kiss my cyanide flavored lip gloss
let’s bump uglies, ******* & rat poison
leave this world left hand *******
right hand intertwined in yours
i’m in a damaged goods costume
take away some letters, my clothes
and i’m just dam good
leaving you on your knees, begging to fix me
begging to **** me
I don’t follow the rules
I use my mouth on you
opened up and emptied out
just to fill me up... with your blood
femme fatale, equipped with fangs
and the ability to not give a ****
an ode to the ***** i used to be, rip

this is more of a spoken word poem
Pao May 2018
you are a storm in the sea around you
my words don't express much
but your eyes twinkle in the starlight
heavenly, even the gods are envious of you
your heart of gold beats louder than any lion in the wild

it's all you
it's you whom they want
it's you whom they seek
enticing, your thoughts bigger than your own words
you are celestial  

take your hand in mine
twiddle with my thumb
i'll keep your heart in my palm
i'll keep you warm
safe, even build you a home

a woman sculpted out of ocean waves  
you are celestial
I believe I wrote this in 2016 and I was working on telling a story in poetry. I write poems about my experiences but sometimes it doesn't have to be that way. I wanted to paint a picture to the readers even though what I am writing about has never happened to me. This is for the femme fatale.
Rahama Apr 2018
The heart of a dragon;
A young girl tames.
Her femme fatale;
Will be the end of him.
Rebecca H Aug 2017
I'm clever as the devil
and twice as pretty,
I'm on the same level
so save me your pity.

With words used as bullets
in attempt to pierce my heart,
I'm a woman who's overworked and crooked
all the while you got a head start.

All I wish for is equality
but you feel offended,
but tell me honestly:

if we're so equal, then why hasn't sexism ended?
- proud to be me -
A thoroughness here was her house
as she'd listen inside a glibly lit room
her whispers would doom in doubt
so forcibly heathen her lover's twitch
bright as her soul made ex spruce glow
but her midland east of Old Blue
soon her lakelet suburb dawned flatlander accent
mere document in fervid upswing
on porch of antiquity round inlaid flag.
Elizabeth Grace Jan 2015
If you dig under my nails,
You will find things that you don't want to see.
Things that I hide deep down inside,
They claw at me from underneath.

A showcase of travesty,  
And all of my flaws.
My demons have winged eyeliner and black nail polish.
What would you do...if you only knew?

All of the things that I have done.
Terrible would never believe.
"Oh she's such a sweet girl,"
"She can do no wrong".

Oh how you'd run,
If you knew what I am.
I just reflect what you expect,
I can be whoever you want me to be.

I'm infected with a poison,
It paints cherry on my lips.
You're begging for a taste,
So come on and take the bait.

I have to be like snow,
Beautiful but cold.
Come on out and play Baby,
Frostbite isn't so bad.

Who could have predicted,
The monster that I've become.
I'm sorry I cant help it,
Spinning my web is just too much fun.
Elizabeth Grace Jan 2015
Could you be my Love tonight?
I don't see why not.
Let's leave this bar and start a fight,
Out in the alleyway.
Push me up against the wall,
Make you think you have all the control.
When really, I'm the one holding the knife.

I love the thrill of it.
The rush of passion, starts a fire in me.
I'd give you my heart,
If I had a heart to give.
I ripped it out and threw it away,
It's much more fun,
When you can't hear it beating.

Like a light, I lure you in.
Oh boy you shine so bright,
In this witching hour off the highway.
So lets get to it,
Because I have all night.
I'm that cold hearted *****,
Your friends warned you about.
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