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Jemevic Apr 27
Scarlet liquid flowing down my hand
scarring only me and making my loved ones laugh
Maybe I should have finished my work on myself
So I do not have to stare at their face with hatred.
Jemevic Mar 26
Everything is bland:
the gems are losing their beauty
the books are collecting ten-year-old dust
the clothes lay unloved-
She bent down
With her white high heels
Unworthy teardrops on those things
She once determined them unimportant, low price
Now she wants them back
To appease her unhappy life
But they are there, and not for her anymore.
Jemevic Mar 26
I saw Death.
It was crouching at my doorstep
I got a glimpse of It.
Its stare- made me a Human.

In the silent storm
I saw Its sick claws,
Scratch marks marking the snowy paths,
the ground started to split
to the Pacific ocean
to the invisible cracks of rocks
until Dust and Death, Masters of Time
Sweep away my beloved face
onto their altar, unchain him from love sorrow.
  Mar 8 Jemevic
Zack Ripley
We're afraid to live.
We're afraid to die.
We're afraid to try.
We're afraid of what happens if we don't try.
We're afraid to love.
We're afraid to commit.
We're afraid people think we're full of ****.
We're afraid of the truth.
We're afraid to lie.
We're afraid people will think we're weak if they see us cry.
We're afraid to feel.
We're afraid of fear.
But knowledge is power.
So now that you know what you fear,
what are you going to do about it right now? Right here?
Jemevic Feb 6
I can see the shadow
It's right behind me, listening to my heartbeat-
Called my name repeatedly
So I would remember to change my plan.

It's so quiet and determined
Like a restless spirit, ready to possess
my soul, that sees only grey.

The night is long
My shadow is fatigue,
My heart is hurt
My bones splinter
And I stay in the room filled with filthy air.
Jemevic Dec 2021
The moonlight;
Waxing and waning at nights,
Comforting and alarming me in a quiet night.

Under the moonlight;
My stomach's churning and urging me to overanalyse
The security, the stability, the sustainability
I so desire agonizes my soul and  
On guard by my side on a lonely night.

Oh, moonlight:
You fascinate me and I idolize
Only you and night.
Jemevic Dec 2021
A dagger gashes a small flower
in a desert by a devil-follower
because he couldn't look into her eyes
and says,' he cares for her'

The bullies feel thrilled and sip on a whiskey,
sit in a circle and worship the small flower,
because time is running out
for the real game to start.
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