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joycewrites Oct 2017
Somewhere along my journey
to the highs and the lows,
I lost the ability to fear
the scary and the unsure—
this is me, soldiering on.
(c)2017 - Mary Joyce Tibajia
joycewrites Sep 2017
she is a thousand rising suns shedding life to everyone around her;
he is a hundred raging seas breaking every ship he conquers;
another unfinished piece
joycewrites Sep 2017
Behind all these coffeeshop writings and library scribbles, the story of how our souls intertwined was the one I loved writing the most.
unfinished. will finish this once i get a break from law school haha
joycewrites Mar 2017
I grew up in a Muslim country
Where the culture is different;
Dress codes, cuisines, sceneries, and peaceful people,
Different from your local news' bombing news content.

I met different people at my old school, all of which are my friends;
Of different ethnicities, culture, and religion.
Despite our major differences, we treated each other as one;
We built a bond that is not made for oblivion.

I am lucky to grow up experiencing having a Muslim and a Christian for a friend,
I get invited to holidays like Christmas and Ramadan.
I get to see and feel the best of both worlds,
And respect for each religion is the key to living as one.

I wrote this to serve as an eye-opener
That the terrorists that you see on the news are not my Muslim brothers;
For when terror is claimed in Islam's name,
They disrespect the Islamic belief and teachings when they make that claim.

We need to live in a world where people thinks critically—
A world with no woman with a hijab is stared at disrespectfully;
A world where nobody uses Islam as a sign of terror;
A world with no discriminations, just peace and tranquility.

I hope we also learn cultural sensitivity,
For religion differences aren't something to joke about and be tagged with petty comedy.
Respect is what we need to have a peaceful community,
And if we really want to live in a world free from disquieting thoughts and emotions,
Let this all start with you and me.
(c) Mary Joyce A. Tibajia | 2017
joycewrites Oct 2016
A person who makes "I love you" and "I'm not going to leave you" mean the same thing.
(c)2016 - Mary Joyce Tibajia
joycewrites Oct 2016
Just a daisy on a field of roses,
A plain boring white sock over a colorful one;
Never was a second to none.
(c)2016 - Mary Joyce Tibajia
joycewrites Oct 2016
You came with rainbows for hellos,
and left with hurricanes for goodbyes.
(c)2016 - Mary Joyce Tibajia
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