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SeyiEagle Nov 2017
i still remember so clear,
how both we are so dear.
how we smile along
all the path we use to thread.
The fight, the play,
The good, the bad,
Much more thing we often share.

ooo, how time flies away,
moments fall by the way.
We are but a victim,
How things fall apart.
but i will carry on the pain,
no matter how it weight.
this is a feeling,
that have come to stay.

i will watch and pray
i will hope that someday
the sky and star will shine
as bright as they can
but if they wont
it's okay, it's fine

ooo, i will wait,
i will wait,
for any chance for us to meet again
BitterSweet memories
SeyiEagle Jun 2017
Everyday I pray she reads the lines.
Everyday I wish for the words of her lips.
Even if it is just a "hi"
I will definitely be pleased.
SeyiEagle Jan 2017
I bet you don't know something...

How I keep battling the thought of you each time it sprung up.

Like ...
do I really....?
I don't i.....?
I think I do.....?
Maybe I really don't...
Is it worth it....?
I really do...
Yes I do..

I love every battle of your thought
SeyiEagle Oct 2016
Be a HUMAN and create UNION.
Be a CREATURE and understand NATURE.
Live in EASE and spread PEACE.
It's never too late when you're taken by hate...
we all need each other to survive
SeyiEagle Jul 2016
My flaws of yesterday
Still burns my hand
Till today.

Hello tomorrow,
If I can have your ears
To borrow,
Please, bring me no sorrow.

To the place endowed with rainbow
Where fabulous story
With splendor and glory
Will tickle my chin,
Hello tomorrow,
Please lead and I will follow.
I know not what tomorrow holds, but I pray it's good
SeyiEagle May 2016
I saw this damsel in a restaurant sometime last week.
She looks more like a girl I used to know.
She glows in her chocolate skin, and radiant physiognomy.
Elegant, with dazzling eyes, she's pleasing to the eyes.
I was amazed at the closed resemblance, and was stealthily glancing...
But lo!
She caught my eyes.
I smile at her and she smile back with a friendly smile that dazzled me even more.
She had the same smile as the girl I used to know.
I pretended to be minding my business, then squinted her again, only to see her touching her neck in the same manner the other girl used to habitually touch her neck.

There and then I concluded that they would have the same behavior.
I just stood up and walked away after emptying my bowl.
Not Again will I fall
SeyiEagle Mar 2016
You smile when you say those words you didn't mean
But I mourn for the words you mean but wouldn't say.
In Solitary, I would spent the night with grief
for the love that will once be.
Now I think i'm strong,
In ready for the story yet unfold.

Much things are they that I fear,
Though you are very dear.
Succinctly, You are so loving,
But sincerely, i see you going.
Oftentimes when we kiss and say Goodbye,
I feel the rift emerging bye and bye.

Just tell we are no more,
And I will remind you it's been long.
Tell me you ran out of feelings,
And I will tell you I saw it long coming.
Bring it on...
I have wept the tears
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