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George Krokos Jun 2020
The whole of the universe is like a pattern of infinite proportions
in the mind of the Eternal Creator Who is without any distortions.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
Watching you stretch
Your leg extended along the horizon
Always reaching for the sky
Determination so fierce
You inspire me to put my ink to use
Writing effortlessly
About the way your body moves
How your genius creates the steps
Suspended animation
I can’t wrap my head around
Constantly moving
And consistently untouchable
The atom vibrates,
the dust settles.
The skin flakes,
an eyelash falls.
The sweat rolls,
the forehead dampens.

The eyes close,
the mouth smiles.
The head bounces,
the body dances.
The stereo booms,
the windows vibrate.

The neighbours complain,
a car passes.
The rain falls,
the black clouds rumble.
The sky darkens,
The planet turns.

The moon orbits,
The comet drags.
The satellite observes,
panels reflecting.
The sun boils,
The stars shine.

A Nebula gives birth,
The systems connect.
Black holes swallow,
light vanishes.
The galaxy turns,
the blackness roars.

The universe is steady,
but always moving.
Noisy, yet makes no sound.
Completely dark,
but full of light.
And all of this happening,
together in my mind.
BML May 2014
The probability of me being improbable is highly definite.
The statistical occurrence of randomness
Is proportional to the flow of consciousness.

— The End —