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I wish i were a tattoo artist,
I would seek the freshest flowers,
The scentiest lavender,
And brightest blue birds
To draw, b
My canvas would be your skin,
I would gently wipe it with aloe,
Cleanse it will camphor and lime.
My drawing tool, the electric needle,
I would use the tree dyes,
Brown of the bombay elm,
Red of the orange prume,
Cream of the Asian elm
And black of the African wattle.

Next to your heart i will draw,
Of creatures beautiful and soft,
Of clouds and drizzles.
Of peaceable deers and panda.

The paint will cover your pain,
It will make you forget your shame.
It will open new chapters,
Into shreds, others it render.

A new creature now you are,
A new name, to you i seek to give.
New horizon you will see.
Victoria we will call you
I confess, i love you,
I confess you are my choice above the rest
I confess, i wouldnt wish to replace you
I confess, am slowly losing you.

How can a great thing, best thing go so wrong
How can a great path mislead so,
True change of priority, shakes the entire structure.
And a sweet thing too sweet taste bitter.

Wild your sword, flash it in the sun,
Chants the war cries, who is your foe?
Quip at the silent us, we appear not in support.
We cant drain, the entire oil on one head,
Others to need to be annointed.

Am not seeing us, slowly apart we are growing.
No hugs no kisses, even simple hello nah!
Each others company not enjoyable.
Family is know a meeting of strangers.
I might have lost you, or i am losing you.
She became what she willed,
I stood by her, made her be.
Her new plant grew,
In strength it flourished.
Leafy green it be, big canopy it had.

It became priority, covering all of us
Our other plants began to wilt,
Her was shading ours.
It took all our water and minerals.
Leaving weak crops in a field.

To survive we have to divert our water.
We have to horde our minerals,
Least other crops dry, to the big tree
The blue gum was destroying us.

I will hide the water from the farmer,
My water is for the other crops,
I will water my crops in secret,
Not let the big tree absorb it.

The farmer, and his family aren't talking.
The farmer feels unsupported,
The aide feels over exploited.
Months are going, the cracks widens
The rift deepens, reasources hidden
Will they survive the gully?
I still remember your taste, i remember your hunger and my thirst for you, i can taste your lips my mind replays your moans. You in my hands were like clay, you concorted into forms and angles only  a seasoned theater artist would. Like spaghetti i slipped with grip of anaconda you squeezed me. Instead of suffocating me you held my breath, you moved hips in tandem and you rythm super.
The meeting.
We toyed with the idea,
Non injurious jabs we threw at each other,
Harmless winks, innocent laughters, truly uplifting.
A date in a swamp, sugarcane mangoes made the day.

Her mind was like a shopping mall,
Great ideas apon shelves of greater ideas.
Clarity of vision her demeanor,
As bright as her lovely eyes.
Purpose and intent clear,
mirrored by her gorgeous lips on a perfect face.
From her recess of thoughts came forth money makers.
Like an architect blue print, and  with steps of execution.
Arithmetics simplified, foggy haze cleared.
Truly I saw a  star 🌟 during the meeting.
A quarter a chicken, a plateful of chips. Drowning it with 'monster'.
Chitchat counting hours to minutes and finally to seconds

The niceties of first xmas passed.
The sweat of the day washed,
Beneath the sheets seeking sleep.

A hug  a kiss, an overnight wrestling match. No lossers just exubirated winners.
The memors written with indelible ink, life fluids, sesame seeds
We were to tango, yesternight.
The mood was right, but the lights took flight.
Darkness ruled and our dance wasnt tight.

Tonight there is light, let make it right.
Let love, lets fight, let illuminate bright.
Nailil reminder
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